Play Acoustic into JBL EON ONE / EON ONE PRO.... Any love?

  1. #1 by mark mcilvena on 02-06-2018
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    Play Acoustic into JBL EON ONE / EON ONE PRO.... Any love?

    Hi folks,
    Looking to replace my 'elderly' 2 speakers plus one very heavy Amp, stands, etc. setup for one of these new compact Array systems. I'm pretty sure BOSE started it all with the L1 gear, but JBL recently released there own version(s).
    I'm a solo singer/guitar who may occasionally add in another guitar/vocalist for small gigs say 50 - 100 ppl.
    Just wondering if anyone is using the JBL EON ONE or EON ONE PRO with a Play Acoustic, and how it works out for you.
    Cheers 'n' regards, Mark
  2. #2 by Philip Cullum on 04-09-2018
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    I bought the Fishmann SA 330x a year ago, and I am sold on it ! Have played with as many as 6 guitars / mics at one time, and it sounded great. I bought the 4 input extender to the unit to do that.

    Very clean sound, and the Play Acoustic works well with it. Plenty of control at the Fishmann to make up any vocal issues, but I have not had any. People are shocked by the amount of sound it puts out. Used it in a large luncheon with 350+ people there, and it filled up the place.

    I made 3 presets a while back, for 3 different harmonies, and need to add some more to the mix.

    Give the SA 330x a good hard look when comparing to the JBL and Bose units.
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    Late Reply

    I have had my JBL Eon One for over a year. Love it. Perfect for solo and duo acts. I'm getting a second one next year so I can do more DJ gigs. I currently have a big lunky old Crate system I use. My Playacoustic sounds great with it (as it should). You need to listen to the systems and fully Sherlock these systems. I watched many of YouTube videos, questioned owners and read countless reviews before I settled with mine. Selling points on Eon One? Well, The 10" woofer provides waaay more bass than a an equal sized Bose system (you have to buy a subwoofer for those). The Bluetooth is amazing and the travel case rolls! I can load everything on top of my Eon One and cut out multiple trips while loading in or out. Happy hunting!