Looking for input

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    Looking for input

    So I am at a crossroads in my studio. My TASCAM US-1800 finally died. It was a great unit while it was working. It's been a bit flaky for a while, and because I had such great success with it, I ordered a US-1608 to replace it. While the 1608 has some nice features, it doesn't come close to performing the way the 1800 did.

    To give some context, my studio is as follows:

    I run two different DAW's: Mixcraft 6 and ProTools 12. I generally use Mixcraft as my "recording" DAW, and ProTools as my "mixdown" DAW. My workflow generally dictates that when recording, I need to hear what is being recorded post DAW processing. For instance, I use Peavey's ReValver software for guitars (Shameless plug here: If you haven't used ReValver, you are REALLY missing out. It's fantastic). Anyway, this means that my guitar plugs in to the interface, goes to the DAW, where ReValver gives it the tone / sound. I need to hear that output while recording - with minimal latency of course!

    The 1800 was great for this. Felt no different than plugging in to my amp. The 1608? Not so much. It's fine while just playing, but during playback / recording, the latency becomes unbearable.

    The workstation itself is an i5 @ 3.2 Ghz, running Windows 7 Pro. It's been tuned as a DAW, minimal background tasks, etc. Like I said, it worked absolutely wonderfully with the 1800.

    Latency is obviously the critical factor to me, and the 1608 just isn't cutting it. I've also tried an old Lexicon Alpha that I had lying around, same results as the 1608 - but I didn't expect much given the price point of the Alpha.

    My question is this: Does anyone here run a similar setup with the Behringer interfaces? I'm looking at both the UMC404 and the UMC1820. I prefer the rack mountable - it just works better in my space - but I can work with the desktop if I must.