Mic cable changes presets of VoiceLive 3 when performing live

  1. #1 by Rikard Tengvall on 02-04-2018
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    Mic cable changes presets of VoiceLive 3 when performing live

    My problem is that when I am performing live the mic cable often comes at the big knob and the four smaller knobs at the top of my VoiceLive 3, accidently changing settings and presets as I sing.

    Is there a way to disable those knobs when performing live or is there any “protection” that can be attached to the VoiceLive 3 to protect the sensible turning knobs? I have considered using a wireless mic, but it does not fit our general appearance so well and, most importantly, I need a very focused mic like the TC-Helicon ones to avoid feedback, as I am using a lot of effects. Or is there a wireless mic that equals the TC-Helicon mics in that sense?
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    Hey Rikard,
    You might need to update your VL3 to use this feature, but we implemented a UI lock that should be useful to you! If you hold the large rightmost control knob, a little padlock symbol will appear, indicating that you've locked out the top-half of the unit. The footswitches will still work, but the touch buttons and knobs will be locked so you don't accidentally hit them. Hold down the large control knob again to unlock everything. Cheers

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    Thanks a lot Spencer.

    That made the trick!