X1222USB USB Stereo Latency

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    X1222USB USB Stereo Latency

    I've been putting my new X1222USB mixer through its paces, and very impressive it is for the price!

    The manual is very brief about most things, including the USB interface. I have successfully recorded into a Windows 10 laptop but note that the master fader has no effect on the USB levels being sent. If I set the master on "0" I note that full USB scale is around +6dB on the meter, ie just before the +7 lights. If I set the record level to around 50%, the levels then match (I'm using Audacity with ASIO4ALL).

    However, I have noticed that if I record tone via USB, as I increase the frequency there seems to be a noticeable delay between left and right. Specifically recording tone at 10kHz in stereo but then producing a mono file from the identical stereo channels I lose about 2dB at 10kHz, which rises as the frequency increases. It's pretty much flat up to 40kHz via the USB, but as I say, there appears to be a phase discrepancy which becomes quite noticeable (ie tens of degrees at 10kHz) as the frequncy increases. I haven't found this to be the case on the analogue output feeding into a digital recorder (a Tascam DR-100 MkII).

    Does anyone know how the channel phase discrepancy arises, and what can be done to minimise it?