Flashing harmony light

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    Flashing harmony light

    New to Perform-VK world! - Loving it so far but have one question which I cant seem to answer.
    Ive beamed in a double effect on to preset 1 - when I engage it (blue light turns on) and if I turn the wheel the harmony starts flashing (white light) but it doesnt seem to affect anything? What does this mean?

    also on a side note: is there anyway to have beamed: 'double - octave down' effect 100%? I can only seem to make it a 50/50 mix when the beamed preset is engaged
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    I believe turning the knob is trying to add a Harmony effect to your Doubling preset. To any of the downloaded (BLUE key) presets, you can add the on-board Harmony, Reverb and Echo. To remove those from your BLUE key effect, just make sure when you when you select your Blue key effect, the Harmony, Reverb and Echo buttons are White, not Green.

    I'd love for Helicon to add Doubling effects at 100% (so its more of a Transpose feature). GREAT SUGGESTION! The only way to get that now is to put your PerformVK in MIDI mode, and actually play the low note on your keyboard. (like the old Vocoder effect)
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    Harmony is the default control for the data wheel. So unless you have another effect selected (by pressing and holding the effect button until it starts to flash), turning the data wheel will turn the harmony effect up or down. If the harmony isn't engaged (lit) then it shouldn't make a difference to your overall sound.

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