Advice on avoiding clipping?

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    Advice on avoiding clipping?

    Any tips for a situation like this:
    Our PA was used in a large Venue and put to the limit.
    - When doing soundcheck and playing a recorded reference track (e.g. modern rocksong with the usual over-the-top compression) everything sounds fine and whit e real punch in the bottom.
    - However switching to live band suddenly the PA Subs start to clip and we are nowhere near the same pressure or punch as the reference track. I can't see on our X32 that any signal is clipping. But on the sub speakers the indicator for clipping is lit.

    What am I doing wrong?
    - I had an EQ on the mains out and ended up cutting heavily in the bass freq. to get rid of the clipping.
    One idea that came to mind afterwords was to put in a limiter on the X32 just before the mains. Are that common?
    Any tips is appreciated.

    The PA is HK Audio Pulsar PL112FA & PL118 Sub A
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    I can't see on our X32 that any signal is clipping. But on the sub speakers the indicator for clipping is lit.
    Turn the input sensitivity to the sub amp down.

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    I agree with Paul. It sounds like the clipping must have been occurring at the sub's input. How many of these sub cabinets do you have? This may be a case where you simply need more sub cabinets for this size venue and/or louder subs capable of putting out more SPL's. Pre-recorded music is often heavily compressed, which probably let you get more thump out of them as opposed to the live band mix.
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    Another thought: you haven't told us how your subs are placed. If you had them placed on either side of the stage, you could get up to a 3db boost in output (I'm assuming you're using a pair of sub cabinets) by center-clustering them instead.