Another routing question

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    Another routing question

    I want to send an EQ'd version of the main output to an aux out. And I want its volume to be relative to the main slider.

    The reason is t's a rented hall, and stuff below 200 hz isn't what we want so I thought to hijack one of the 16 monitor channels (which use the aux outs) and put our own speaker center stage for that frequency coverage. I tested it today to see if it would work, and sound-wise it is what is desired (as in much better), but I couldn't make the board do exactly what I want.

    I was able to use channel 12 (sent to aux out 12), by sourcing 12 to mix bus 4, and disabling channel 12 in the M/C and L/R channels. But the volume is independent of the main, I want it relative to the main instead.

    I tried to send the main to mix bus 4 (this would have been ideal), but nothing seemed to be sent, you could dial it in, but no signal.

    If there is some way to accomplish this?
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    What mixer do you have?

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    With 16 buses (called "mix buses") and >8 "aux outs" I'm guessing X\M32.

    OP, ignore bus1-16, instead run MainLR (and M\C if you're using that) into a mono matrix at -6dB (deals with summing similar signals risking clipping) post-fader (gets your relative level control.) Use the mtx's dedicated 6-band peq to knock off <200Hz (gets you your eq.) Route that matrix (post-fader) to a spare physical "aux" socket (based on the terminology you've used, that's be using the Routing>out1-16 tab.) You can also dial in a delay for the output socket too if you want. Push the matrix master up to unity. Given the LR>matrix send is post-fader, the level will go up and down with the mainLR fader movements. You can adjust this extra speaker's level independently if you need to by adjusting the matrix master (it will need to be above -inf to work.)
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    Sorry, yes is M32, I was thinking of this as an M32 forum, but Midas does make other mixers.

    I don't understand matrix busses yet, will look into it.
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    This page looks to be fantastic:

    And this one is exactly what I am trying to do:

    Thanks for the tip on matrix busses.