Pitch Correction and Clean (dry) Sound Settings

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    Pitch Correction and Clean (dry) Sound Settings

    I've had my VoiceLive Play Accoustic for a couple of days and I have a couple questions. All suggestions are welcomed. It’s a little long but please bear with me.

    I have a country honkytonk band and sing lead and play rhythm. A gig is normally 4 hours and I sing approximately 40 to 45 songs. Towards the end of the night, my voice gets a little tired and can become a little pitchy. Not horrible but enough to bug me. Currently I run reverb, a little delay, and compression on the vocals through my board. We play in small to large country bars and some outdoor gigs. For me, a simple sound is better. My bass player, Phil, sings high harmonies but for some songs, I would really like to have a 2 part or even 3 part harmony. I hoping to use a "higher" and "Low/Higher” settings to supplement Phil's Harmonies.

    For guitar, I play a Tele and an acoustic equipped with a Fishman Matrix Infinity. I use a Fender Blues Deville 4x10. For pedals, I run through a tuner, compressor, delay for a slapback, intermittent fuzz box, chorus and an EQ when playing the acoustic to fatten up the bottom. I am very happy with the guitar mix I have.

    I mostly purchased the VoiceLive Play Accoustic for the pitch correction and maybe a few harmonies here and there to supplement Phil. My intent is to run out of the “always on” secondary out of my tuner (first in line) to the guitar in on the processer and run the amp mix to front of house and monitor. Unless I am mistaken, I can limit the outs to just stereo vocals. The lead guitar player and I on occasion play smaller venues where I only play acoustic and use a small Mackie board with no effects. For this, I would be more generous with the harmonies and run the acoustic through the processor only (no amp or pedal board). My intent is to have 3 or 4 presets to switch between the number of vocals only. I want to have the same the same vocal and guitar mixes on each preset. When I am using the duo setup, I will enable the guitar out.

    Here are the questions:

    Pitch Correction: I’ve tried setting the pitch correction (under setup) to 30%, 40% and 50%. I have tried the country, natural, and chromatic settings in the preset. I recorded myself to hear the result. I am very impressed! With my style of vocals (similar to Dwight Yokum) there are times I slide up or down between notes. Is it possible to get these slides in without it correcting to steps? Also, if I turn off hardtune in the preset, is pitch correction off or do I have to also turn the percentages to zero in settings?

    Dry Vocal: How do I turn all of the vocal effects off to get a clean dry mix as if I am running my mic directly to the board? I’ve turned off all of the effects in the preset and tone style in setup but the out still has a digital sound. What am I missing? Is it because the pitch control percentage is still set above zero?

    Guitar settings on/off while playing: Is it possible to control the guitar effects such as delay or chorus with the up down buttons? I have the 2 button pedal that came with my fender amp for channel and reverb selection. Can I use that with the processor to control guitar effects? If not, I will use my pedal board as if I am using my amp and run into the board.

    I appreciate any feedback.
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    Hmmm... Was hoping there would be more help here.

    I played with it some more and determined I get a truly dry sound if I switch the out from stereo to split guitar and vocal out. For some reason as soon as I switch to stereo out, it sounds like there is a phase shifter on the vocals. Kind of disappointing as I wanted to use the vocal and accoustic guitar effects in stereo. I guess I'll just send a dry vocal signal with pitch correction to the board and use my rack effects as well as run the acoustic through my pedalboard and amp and only run it into the processor so it can determine the key.

    So the only questions I have now are:

    If the pitch correction is set above zero in Setup, is it always on even if the Hardtune is off in the preset?

    Is anyone aware of another forum to get info and help on the VoiceLive Play Accoustic?
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    Hey Martin,
    Glad to see you've sorted some of this for yourself I have a queue constantly going and usually it takes a few days for me to respond to posts, so sorry for the delay. The Pitch Correction percentage in the "Setup" menu is a global chromatic pitch correction, and yes it it's on even when Hardtune is off, in fact it's separate and overrides the Hardtune effect. As for another forum, not that I know of, however there is an unofficial Facebook group that appears to be somewhat active if you're interested.

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    Thanks Spencer. I have been digging into it almost daily and now I think I have it figured out. If a pitch correction percentage is set in setup, it will apply to all presets unless the autotune in the preset is on. Then it is over ridden as the instruction manual states. "Pitch Cor Amt settings are temporarily overridden when the HardTune block is active."

    Just an FYI, I emailed and called tech support and they told me the percentage in setup apply the amount of autotune that is applied in the preset when autotune is on. You may want to let them know.

    I did find the other group, thanks...