Integrating Hardware Rack Units with the M32c +s32?

  1. #1 by Diego Tejeida on 01-16-2018
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    Integrating Hardware Rack Units with the M32c +s32?

    So, just got this badboy hooked up and working with my Macbook. I have quite a few insert fx and send FX hardware unnits at my studio. And since I'm not gonna be making use of all the 16 outputs of the s32 I was wondering whether there is a way to use those outputs as "sends" or "insert points" for my hardware fx units.

    As in:

    Line in - S32 Input - M32C out S32 - FXunit In - FXunit Out - S32 In - M32C

    Either my fx units being used as "sends" and "inserts"- I need to point out I'm primarily using the m32 in my studio so this would be used for tracking.

  2. #2 by Craig Fowler on 01-16-2018
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    Inserts are normally done using the console's aux (TRS\RCA) IO, but the M32C doesn't have these. However you can route the aux out block to the S32's outputs, and set the auxIn Remap to the S32's inputs (only preamps#1-6 though, which stops you using those preamps for mics) as the insert point returns. Then on the console you can insert aux1-6 across whatever channels\buses you want. Getting those signals to the DAW would mean tapping those channels\buses post insert point (the default tap is post-preamp.)

    The other way is to patch a bus\channel DO to the S32's output sockets, run your outboard, and return the outboard to spare S32 preamps, and get those preamps with the return signal to the card out.