X32 - Android Tablet Suggestions

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    X32 - Android Tablet Suggestions

    Hello there, Newbie to the group, so be gentle.....
    Picked up a weekend gig at a live venue that has a Behringer X32 Digital Mixer installed at FOH.
    I know you can use the IPad/IPhone and I know these apps exist for iPad/iPhone, I know that there is 3rd Party Android App - Mixing Station XM32
    My question is : What are the specs/requirements for a tablet ?

    8GB enough or go for 32G or 64 GB
    Dual Band
    Quad Core or will a older model work
    Would a Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

    J.A. Johnson
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    WoW !!!!!

    48 Views and not one single reply........didn't realize it was such a hard question....
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    Hi Jeffrey,

    Welcome to the forum. You probably would have gotten more of a response in the X32 General Discussion section of the forum. I know I briefly read your original post and was confused as to what platform of tablet you are ask about.

    Mixing Station for android does not really have any required specs, other than android 4.1 or newer and has to be installed from Google Play Store. I'm using a few cheap $40 7" no name brand tablets for monitor mixers. The only reason I'm in the process of retiring them is not because of the specs. Rather they are wearing out and sometimes don't want to boot up.

    If you are asking about the iPad/iPhone platform, someone that uses them should be able to provide you with that info (I don't have any of these).

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    Right On ...Thank You Very Much Paul
    Really Appreciate and thanx for taking the time to reply
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    I've been running Mixing Station on a cheap Dragon Touch 7" Android tablet for the last couple of years, and I've also used it on a pretty old Nook Tablet with an N2A (Nook 2 Android) card installed.