Seeking TC Helicon Artist Endorsement

  1. #1 by Theo Whitley on 01-15-2018
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    Seeking TC Helicon Artist Endorsement

    Aloha I am Cozmic Theo,

    31 yr old solo artist and ring leader of the HeArt CircUs. This time last year I acquired the famed Play Acoustic and it changed my relationship with music. In the last year I have scoured every inch of the device inside and out maximizing my potential with its wide range of effects, processors, and possibilities. The TC electronics Sub-n-up turned my guitar into a bass. The Behringer Europort MPA40BT took my busking to the next level. I have played over a hundred gigs in the last year and now I am ready to take it to the next level with the VL3X! I want to fuse electronic with analogue and create a new act with danceable pre loads, automated fx, and screaming guitar. I am starting here and asking for guidance as to how to establish contact with people who are involved with Artist Endorsement and Buzz Marketing.

    heres a 1 minute video I submitted to Behringer recently of me using my current setup.

    heres a brand new track.

    and heres my website.

    thanks for your time <3
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    Hi Theo! Try this.

    Cecilie Kaasgaard
    No longer work in support but I still know a bit about all this stuff!

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