Guitar and voice gear

  1. #1 by Roberto Pinto Pereira on 01-15-2018
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    Guitar and voice gear

    Hello, unkown beloveds

    I play the acoustic nylon guitar and sing. I am a baritone with a very muffled voice. I am trying to find a guitar and voice gear that gives me also the possibility of equalizing further my voice. I am not so much into harmonies e looping. I'd rather have nice sounds and toning of both guitar and voice.

    Does the TC Helicon Play Acoustic, besides all looping and harmonizing stuff, also have equalizing alternatives?

    Or also, that said, someone could recommend me a gear more adequate for the needs described above?
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    Hi Roberto,
    No EQ available for vocals. I think you have to step up to a Voicelive 2 or 3 to get vocal eq. The closest thing it has are the tone style parameters. However one thing to consider is the Play Acoustic automatically puts your voice and guitar in different eq space so each (vocal and guitar) can be clearly heard.

    It does have EQ for guitar.

    I sometimes use a small Mackie Mixer to add the final eq. You could use a small one (maybe a Behringer since it is part of this Music Group family). You can find them at most online music retailers for $50.00 - $200.00 USD.