Cardioid Subwoofer Setups

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    Correct, and sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, when I said "spaced" I meant at either side of the stage, not one-behind-the-other. A "cardioid sub" is just the result; just the polar pattern of the output. There are different ways of spacing\configuring the subs to achieve it. Not all cardioid subs are made by stacking the subs.

    Stacking, then rotating, delaying, inverting polarity, and dropping -3dB on one of the subs (if using 1/2 cancellation subs, you don't need the -3dB drop if doing 1/3 cancellation subs,) is just one way of achieving a cardioid coverage pattern, but sometimes it's not necessarily the best way, depending on the venue.

    There are other options too, eg positioning the subs one-behind-the-other, which is the start of an end-fire array. This configuration involves different delay settings, and no polarity inversion, and can also achieve a cardioid polar pattern, but there are pros and cons to this method too.

    There are other methods too, all of which are nice in theory, but only get close to theory in practice if they're done in a field. If you're indoors and are getting reflections off walls and ceilings, it doesn't necessarily work as well as it does on paper. You need to have sufficient space between the subs and the walls (especially the wall behind the stage,) and you need decent space between the subs and the band so that the band are actually operating in the "cancellation zone;" if the band are only 0.5m behind the subs, they'll still feel a lot of bass. A drummer 4-5m behind the subs will appreciate the effect a lot more than a vocalist standing on top of the sub.
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    All is set!

    Thanks so much for all your help and expertise! You have not only helped me, but my band and audiences! You are the best!
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    Thank me after you've set it up and heard how it sounds. Depending on the room, it might sound terrible. Even if it does, at least now you better understand how to configure the console.

    PS, maybe start with the delay for the cancellations subs at closer to 2ms rather than 5ms and work up from there. You might have to experiment with it a little bit, but you'll probably get close to good at about 2.5-3.0ms.