Mic mechanic 2 + Voicetone C1 at 12v or 9v? Recommendations!

  1. #1 by Parker Kirchinger on 01-12-2018
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    Mic mechanic 2 + Voicetone C1 at 12v or 9v? Recommendations!

    Hi my pedalboard is absolutely full and I only have the courtesy outlet remaining on my PP2+. I want to have my Voicetone C1 go into my Mic Mechanic 2. I was gonna use an output splitter and one DC wall wart to power both at enough mA. Anyone try running the MM2 at 12v? It calls for 9V and the C1 calls for 12V. I know I can run the C1 at 9V but havenít done long testing with it, plus with the mic gain I think the possible drop in headroom will cause it to clip more.

    The original mic mechanic was 12V so Iím wondering it itís safe to run it at 12V with the MM2.

    Thoughts? What would you do?
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    I have the MM2 and the H1 (which should be comparable to you C1) on my board combines with a DI and a Multi-effect for my Ukulele all running with a daisy-chain on 9 volts. I would not risk putting 12 volts on you MM2. I would just put 9 volts on it.
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    We at TC Helicon do not recommend running any 9 volt hardware with 12 volt power adapters, this can result in damaging your hardware in a fashion not covered by your warranty. The Mic Mechanic 1 and Mic Mechanic 2 are made up of different hardware and cannot interchange power supplies. Getting a new pedalboard or supply is preferable to burning out your gear.

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