I'm Not Dead Yet

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    I'm Not Dead Yet

    "I'm Not Dead Yet" is my November 2017 song. This song was written with about my own feelings, as well as, for those of us that are not willing to let go of our dreams. For those that keep pushing on no matter how hard it gets.


    Happy Christmas,

    I feel like I've been running out of time
    It's a feeling I've had so very long
    I've been on this road for a dream of mine
    It's never faded, it's just as strong
    There's a need in my heart that seems to grow
    With each passing day I come to know
    Well I'm not so sure if I'll ever reach the top
    But I'm Sure I'm never gonna stop.


    Some say, what the use in trying
    For what I'll Probable never get
    I say, I'll try until I die
    And I'm not dead yet

    I trust in my own reason to believe
    And I believe in time I will Succeed
    I'm just not so sure when that day will be
    I'm only curteen it's what I need

    Repeat Chorus

    Work my fingers to the bone
    With pain I scream
    I work my fingers to the bone
    For more than just a dream