Mic Mechanic 1 w/ Duplicator

  1. #1 by Robert Nicewander Jr on 12-04-2017
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    Mic Mechanic 1 w/ Duplicator

    Hello All! New guy to the forum here.

    So, I've been running the Mic Mechanic 1 for some time now. LOVE IT! A Duplicator pedal has been purchased for me to use and I'm curious if I can use it with my MM1 without any salty consequences. I read the HS w/ MM post, but just curious if I should wire mine the same way? I know there are redundancies, so what is better to have where?

    Application: Used by lead vocalist in a rock genre cover band.

    Any and all help greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys!!!
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 12-18-2017
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    Hey Robert,
    I have an idea of how you set this up, it's entirely possible The only downside of running multiple pedals like this is latency - each pedal adds about 6ms of latency so with two you'll be around 12ms which is just on the cusp of being noticeable. Personally it doesn't bother me but there are others in this forum who are bothered by it. Anyways, yes there are redundancies between these two pedals, in fact the only unique thing about the Mic Mechanic in this case will be its Echo effect. There are a couple rules that can help here: namely Echo comes before Reverb, and Tone + Correction have to be first. So with that in mind, I would run the Duplicator first, then into the Mic Mechanic. Here's a rundown:

    -> Microphone
    -> Duplicator
    -Tone on
    -Correction at whatever you like
    -Reverb off
    -Doubling at whatever you like
    -> Mic Mechanic
    -Tone off
    -Correction off
    -Reverb and Echo at whatever you like

    So with this setup you're mostly leaning on the Duplicator, with the Mic Mechanic there basically as a spatial pedal (Reverb and Echo only). I'd run them like this because you want Tone and Correction first in the chain (they work best on your dry vocal signal), and you do not want to try to double a signal with reverb or echo in it (just sounds bad to me, man). Hope that's helpful

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