Sick and tired of harmony singer 2 problems!!!!

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    Sick and tired of harmony singer 2 problems!!!!

    Obviously a complete waste of my time asking questions here.
    I made it perfectly clear what the issues were and also EXACTLY what type of power supplies were used (always batteries either alkaline or MASSIVELY overated LIPOs) during the sessions where the problem arose. All I got was scoldedd and referred to a "centralised thread" which DOESN't describe the issue I'm having with my pedal.
    TC Helicon took umbrage at my attitude and because my total frustration with them showed up as colourful language - ONE WORD (and no it didnt begin with F!)
    I really rate the TCH MP75 mic but the the HS2 is a crock.
    Based on my experiences - Faulty HS1 and now issues with HS2 I cannot continue to be an advocate for your products.
    Your attitude to customer service has cost you my business and potentially a lot more.

    have a nice day.

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    Hi Dave,
    I'm very sorry to hear about your Harmony Singer frustrations. Unfortunately your post has been moderated with the hope that you will edit it to conform to our forum's etiquette. I understand you maybe upset with the performance of your product, but the inflammatory nature of your post is not indicative that you're here for meaningful discussion. Additionally, there are already four other posts in the Stompbox section with the same subject as yours, yet you felt the need to create a new thread. Moderators would typically delete your post on those grounds alone but personally I do not believe in outright deletion of user content. This is why I'm allowing the opportunity for you to adjust your post and hopefully we can continue the discussion from there. Thank you for your civility.

    Edit: We now have a centralized thread for this Harmony Singer 2 issue. Please review it for some more insight into your problem. I highly suspect you will not have any more issues now that you're using a 2 amp supply, but if you do please feel free to contribute to our discussion.

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