Less volume from iQ12s with Ultranet connection?

  1. #1 by Bobby Sadler on 11-03-2017
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    Less volume from iQ12s with Ultranet connection?

    I'm hearing less volume from my new iQ12s using the Ultranet connection from my X32 Rack as compared to the analog connections coming from Bus 7 & 8. is this common?

    just to be clear with the Ultranet settings on the iQ12s I'm cranking the Trim to +10.
  2. #2 by Bobby Sadler on 11-05-2017
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    I just updated the firmware on the speakers to V1.9.. and I disabled the Feedback Control.. and they still seem to have less volume when operating with the Ultranet connection.. it's not by a lot versus the analog connection.. maybe -5dB or so..

    I would be glad to hear from anyone else on this subject.. I know it's been discussed in an around about way.. but I haven't seen volume difference discussed specifically.

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    Actually, the TRIM has to be set to "+6 dB" in order get equal output power on both inputs. The reference input level then is +4 dBu for a maximum output for the respective speaker system.

    Of course there is some headroom built in which is +22 dBu on the analogue input side and -18dBFS on the digital side so that both inputs levels lead the same behavior of the speaker system.

    As a side note, you can crank up the internal EQ by adding another 15 dB so you can come pretty close to the point where the digital section get's overdriven.

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    for now that's over my head Robert.. but I'm definitely interested in learning more.