Generic DC Power Supply

  1. #1 by Al Dee on 10-25-2017
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    Generic DC Power Supply

    I never go to a gig without spare parts (cords, cables, power supplies, etc.) I went to the catalog to check out a spare power supply, and TCH directs me to Sweetwater Music. However, the 12V 1000 mA power supply sells for $25, which is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!

    I don't want to void my warranty, so can I use a generic 12V 1000 mA DC power converter that sells anywhere for $5-$8, and for that matter, could I use the same back-up 12V 1000mA for two other pedals I own, the TCH Create and TCH H-1 harmonizer? One requires 300mA and the other 400 mA, but I would imagine that a high amperage would be acceptable, right?

    Thanks everybody!
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    Not all PSUs are the same

    I don't have any experience with voice products, but it can be a nightmare with guitar stomp boxes and preamps. The problem is unwanted noise. But it seems to depend on the device in use or the specific daisy chain. For example I have two identical PSUs (1 amp) purchased from Amazon, one causes noise in my pre-amp, the other doesn't.

    When the PSU on my (expensive) preamp/EQ failed, the cheap replacement was very noisy I found I could take the PSU from a Boss looper for the preamp/EQ and put the cheap PSU on the BOSS... everything worked out fine.

    I think it's just one of those situations where you have to risk it and try - but do know that not all PSU's are the same...

    Hope that helps...