Bugera G5 Infinium Amp Control Boss GT

  1. #1 by Niall Mullan on 10-24-2017
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    Bugera G5 Infinium Amp Control Boss GT

    Hi there,

    I am toying with getting a GT10 or 100 to use in the effects loops, does anyone know if the amp control will switch channels for me on the G5?

    Just don't want to pull the trigger on it to find it only changes the Reverb or doesn't work at all.

  2. #2 by Daniel Soto on 11-10-2017
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    i'm sure the footswitch is a 2 button switch like the one I got with my 1990. Channel and reverb. Actually it's pretty standard across amp manufacturers to do a 2 button channel and reverb..
    This is the one you need.. though alot are universal..