Talkbox Synth

  1. #1 by Bruce Sokolovic on 10-17-2017
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    Talkbox Synth

    I've recently spent a good deal of time with this unit and would like to share my in depth review. Hope you all enjoy the read.
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    Hi Bruce! Great review - I really enjoyed reading it! Just stumbled on a couple of things you might want to edit (if possible):
    "Speaking of the footswitch, it can operate in both momentary or latching mode. It operates by default in latching mode, meaning you simply step on the switch to turn the effect on and off. When powering up the unit, holding the tone knob down will put the switch into latching mode, meaning the synth or talk box effects are only active for as long as your foot is on the button. "

    -I think you meant "momentary" in stead of latching in that second sentence.

    "The XLR jack is always 48v phantom powered, so you can connect a condenser mic without worries "

    -it actually only supplies 24V (which is plenty enough to run most condenser mics, and also enough to use an MP-75 microphone!)

    Also, you mentioned some confusion about which tone style is on - when "less bright" is engaged (by holding Tone down and pushing the footswitch), the Tone LED will flash briefly when switched on and off.

    Other than that, brilliant review! And yes, it can only be a relief to get rid of that grimy tube... yuck!

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