M32 - 25 Mix Buses?

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    OOOOPs, just realized I repeated Paul's suggestion, so- should have been a bit more careful reading before posting...
    Glad to have the confirmation/support from the pros, Ishai

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    For additional help please refer to the X32 wiki pages for updated and current documentation about the X32.

    For official technical and warranty support for your product you should contact the support team through their CARE department. You can contact CARE by phone at (+1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada and (+44) 1562 732290 in Europe.

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    Hello again,

    Thank you all for your input - it's very much appreciated.

    With your help, I've managed to sort things out so that the desk is meeting all our expanded needs now. In the end, I'm using a mixture of the matrices and the aux's to look after the recently evicted outputs. Using the 'XLR-out' tab in the Routing section, I reassigned XLRs 1-4 to Aux1-4, and XLRs 5-8 to Aux5-6/... The 'XLR-out' tab was key, because making the same changes in the 'Outputs 1-16' tab overwrote what I wanted to do with my mix buses. I'm only using the matrices for the video feed output as this needs some heavy compression.

    We now have 14 mix buses feeding stage monitors, one spare mix bus, and one for FX (we don't have need for much other than a basic reverb).

    Very glad to have got this sorted, as it should reaslistically meet our needs for a few years to come.

    Thanks again,