ip500 Tower speakers

  1. #1 by Dwight Seeley on 10-11-2017
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    ip500 Tower speakers

    I own an ip500 and have been asking this question for awhile with no response. Does any know if you must use both the lower portion of the tower and the upper portion of the tower or can one insert just the upper portion of the tower directly into the base without damaging the unit?

    I know that the upper portion "fits", i.e. sets well into the base connections. I just haven't turned it on for fear that something might be damaged.

    I need to know due to some vertical height restrictions in a venue that I play. Thanks.
  2. #2 by Ryan Hammond on 10-21-2017
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    The array towers are just like the big line arrays you see in arenas -- in that -- the entire array functions as one large speaker (with the exception of the downfills). The lower section is tuned lower, the top section is tuned higher.

    If you only use one section, you're losing the upper mids and highs.

    I hope this helps
  3. #3 by Freddie Garcia on 10-22-2017
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    Unlike the ip2000, the bottom column of the ip500 is just a spacer with no drivers. If the connections and fit of the spacer and column with the drivers are the same, I would imagine it would work.
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    It works fine without the space - I've used it that way may times.