Using Mic Mechanic 2 and Harmony Singer 2 Simultaneously

  1. #1 by Jason Mento on 09-19-2017
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    Using Mic Mechanic 2 and Harmony Singer 2 Simultaneously

    I like my Mic Mechanic 2 pedal. I play through a Bose Compact and this pedal sounds amazing through it. I'm thinking about adding the Harmony Singer 2. Could I use both these pedals simultaneously? I guess I could turn off the Tone on the Harmony and use it strictly for the harmony.

    I've tried the Play Acoustic and some other multi pedals but I don't need all that and most seemed quite noisy. The Mic Mechanic 2 is pretty quiet. I'm just wondering if adding the Harmony Singer will add considerable latency?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 09-29-2017
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    Hey Jason,
    Technically you can use them together, the latency isn't a big deal, but there are redundancies that whittle-down the usefulness of the Mic Mechanic. So if you were to use both pedals, the Harmony Singer would have to be first because it depends on a clean/dry input to generate the harmonies. With the Mic Mechanic second in the chain behind the Harmony Singer, the only thing you could really use it for it the Echo effect. This is because you'd have Tone on in the HS and off in the MM, HS already has the same reverb as MM, and the correction in MM only works monophonically so unless you manually turned the correction dial on and off opposite your harmonies it won't really work. But if you're cool with effectively turning your Mic Mechanic into just an echo pedal, maybe the addition of harmonies is worth it to you!

    And on the topic of latency - each pedal adds about 6 milliseconds of latency. So with two pedals, you're at around 12ms which is just on the cusp of being noticeable for most people. It may not bother you though, this is personal preference kind of territory. Maybe play around with a 12ms delay in your DAW and see how it feels? Personally I can deal with two pedals together just fine but some users have noted it bothers them. Cheers :]

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  3. #3 by Yves Nadeau on 01-11-2018
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    Harmony Singer 2 & Mic Mechanic 2


    So from what I've read, if I combine the MM 2 to HS 2, the only thing i'll get is the echo. I don't have the MM 2 now but thinking buying it. I have the HS 2.
    Is there a difference from the MM when singing solo compare to the HS not engaged. Because I thought that when I"ll sing the verse on MM and the chorus on HS. Does it make sense.

  4. #4 by Willie Smith on 04-09-2018
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    I am surprised this hasn’t been suggested
    .... I would at least try running both processors in parallel instead of series.
    Each devices effects would perhaps need to be more wet, but the resulting tone might just be epic.
  5. #5 by Jason Mento on 08-16-2018
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    I've been running them in series with the MM first and the HS2 second. I like the pitch correction on the MM. I use reverb , pitch correction and the tone button on the MM and feed into the HS2. I think the harmonies sound good this way but once in a while I do have feedback type sound. Although I haven't had that after the firmware upgrade.

    How would I run them in parallel? I guess I would need 2 A/B switches? One before the pedals and one after?