Separating Lead & Harmony vocals- Harmony G-XT

  1. #1 by Shawn Birt on 09-16-2017
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    Separating Lead & Harmony vocals- Harmony G-XT

    I'm trying to separate Lead & Harmony vocal outputs on my Harmony G-XT, and there is lead vocal coming out the harmony (Left) output when the harmony is dis-engaged...Only harmony coming out when harmony is "on", but lead vocal is there when harmony is "off".
    I'll say I've followed the manual to the very word...turned off stereo mode, turned harmony knob all the way to the right, etc...getting Lead vocal in the Left output (as well as the right "dry" output). Any help??
    PS; I re-initialized the unit and updated the firmware...I'm at a loss
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 09-29-2017
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    Hey Shawn,
    Yep mine in the office here does the same thing. My only guess is that they did this to keep the summed level is consistent. If the left channel was silent (no lead like you're hoping for) whenever harmonies were off, then the overall level would increase whenever you turn on the harmonies. With the way it's set up now, there is some lead in the left output which is then replaced with the harmonies when you activate 'em - this keeps the sum of the two outputs at a way more even level.

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  3. #3 by Barry McConnachie on 07-20-2018
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    I posted a similar question last week, after doing a search through the forum to see if it had been asked before....this post did not come up at that time unfortunately.... If it had, I wouldn't have spent time posting and trying to troubleshoot.

    Your explanation seems sensible, Spencer and after changing to separate outputs for the last couple of gigs, it certainly wasn't an issue.
  4. #4 by kiskadar69 on 10-15-2018
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    Maybe you need to calibrate the pots. This is how:

    While powering on the unit, press and hold "Manual" button and "ON" footswitch, you will see the "FX" light is on.
    Turn the Guitar knob to the furthest LEFT position that it will travel and press "FX". It should start to flash.
    Turn the Guitar knob to the furthest RIGHT position that it will travel and press "FX" again. "FX" should stay on and "Voice 1" should light.
    Repeat steps 2+3 with the "FX" knob and "Voice1" button.
    "Voice1" should stay on and "Voice 2" should light.
    Repeat steps 2+3 with the "Harmony" knob and "Voice 2" button.
    The regular display should kick in a few seconds after completing the process.