Low levels when recording with new set up

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    Low levels when recording with new set up

    Hey, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to audio engineering but trying to learn quick.

    I bought the Ditto Mic Looper pedal the other day and am trying it out now. I can get it working with my current set up, but it's very quiet and I'm pretty sure it's not the pedal's fault.

    Would this set up be viable?

    Microphone -> XLR M to F -> Ditto Mic Looper
    Ditto Mic Looper -> XLR to 3.5mm -> Speaker

    Tried throwing in a phantom power between the mic and the ditto looper since the mic requires 42v and the pedal only supplies 24v.

    Is it as simple as the XLR to 3.5mm connection being too poor?

    In dreamland I want a portable set up that I can use with the ditto mic looper, but I'm beginning to think this is not likely.
    I assume there aren't any portable speakers that have XLR or maybe 1/4" input? I've only been able to find the big beefy things.

    Ideally I'd avoid purchasing a pricey audio interface, but I think I'd be in the same boat with or without one.

    Any tips would be incredible!

    Edit to add some more details:
    The microphone I'm using is the Audio Technica AT2020 (requiring 45v)
    The phantom power I've tried is a Neewer 42v

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    Hey Ewan,
    Seems like you could use an amplifier! That speaker of yours is likely expecting a line-level signal, and you're giving it a mic-level signal which is much lower. The solution for this is to use an in-line amplifier, or a mixer with a mic preamp, or to get a speaker with one build in. We just so happen to make such a speaker

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