VoiceLive 3 Update Available (366)

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    Amacing Grace for female

    Hi Cecilie,

    Hope, Spencer or Craig will reply soon.

    Thank you very much!

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    Mimic FootSw presses over MIDI on VL3X - not new but worth saying...

    Hi Guys

    One thing that would be really helpful, is to be able to "mimic" the 10 buttons on the VL3X (and 3 or 6 button addon pedal), simply using MIDI NoteOn / NoteOff messages (or other controller CC nos), hardwired if needs be, just to get us off the starting blocks.

    Would it really be that hard to have the O/S treat a NoteOn / NoteOff as the FootSW press/release?

    This would solve a huge no of problems for people wanting external triggering from keyboards, Launchpads, and so on.

    If Christmas is coming, this would be my request.

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    Query of VL3 : Loop A Stop + MIDI Start, Loop A Play + MIDI Stop = I need MMC comands

    Query of VL3 : Loop A Stop + MIDI Start, Loop A Play + MIDI Stop
    Query of VL3 : Loop A Stop + MIDI Start, Loop A Play + MIDI Stop : to MIDI OUT ports.
    Details:- Many musicians work in one copula of VL3 + Aranger Module ( for example Roland BK - 7m, Yamaha QY100, QY70 or other ), where drum patterns + bass + progressions of chords of other instruments take place in ready one pattern is this large difference from ordinary drum mashines . For continuation of record impositions such sequences must be writtenin in Loop VL3 is real time work of Live . Ordinary already present synchronization is not enough for such simple work in VL3 Competitors are able to do it . Every pressure the leg of VL3 - "Loop A Stop" must give a command "MIDI Start" (MIDI Play) to MIDI Out Port VL3, and every pressure the leg of VL3 - "Loop A Play" must give a command "MIDI Stop" to MIDI Out Port VL3 . It will be also useful possibility to choose MIDI Channel for these two commands, and disconnect / to include ( to settle or forbid ) possibility of transmission of these commands on the peripheral device of MIDI .
    It is important ! : Wearing-out / the transmission of MMC of commands To MIDI Out Ports VL3 must be tied exactly to any electronic including of functions of VL3 - Loop Play & Loop Stop - to the leg or automatic, but not simply to the mechanical buttons of feet, is allows to recur in an auto play sequences of loops in all possible variants of VL3.

    P.S.: The list of possible commands of foot controllers is below presented from two different producers on two different languages of commonunication, but at setting performing the the same duty well at any changing of devices, and in any combination them.

    Roland FC-300

    MIDI Machine Control (MMC)

    01H STOP
    02H PLAY
    05H REWIND
    09H PAUSE

    Yamaha MFC10

    Real-time Messages

    Type | Status (Hex)
    Clock | F8
    (undefined) | F9
    Start | FA
    Continue | FB
    Stop | FC
    (undefined) | FD
    Active Sensing | FE
    System Reset| FF
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    Switch - 6 mod synchronizes VL3 & Aranger Module

    Meantime, while business did not move in expectations of answers, now I found a method to manage two devices simultaneously through one pressure for every function, unassisted additional MIDI Foot Controllers . For this purpose I do modification of leg comptroller of Footswitch - 6 : soldering by tin through soldering iron of two contacts from two devices on one button . It gives a good result to me . But for all decisions of synchronous valuable work possibilities of VL3 are not enough - he is not able to appoint to Switch - 6 some functions of his looper . To be happy in synchronization with my VL3 + Yamaha QY100 Aranger Module, I dream to do so
    2groups mod knobs for Switch-6 tab =
    Looper VL3 - Aranger Module ( or drum&bass mashine )
    RecA - Play Pattern
    RecB - Stop Pattern
    Set+PlayA - Stop Pattern
    All Stop - Play Pattern
    All Start - Stop Pattern
    Erase All - Play Pattern

    P.S.: I need 6 loop commands to Switch-6 for the normal complete functioning of synchronization !
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    Any update in the near future ? I love my VL3X and appreciate every update that you guys do but I really was surprised when I found out that it doesn't have a phaser effect. I know it's not easy to just add it to an update but it would be really awesome if you could do so in a future update. Also a harmonizer for the guitar would be appreciated.
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    VoiceLive 3 Update Available (366)

    Does this update fix the problem with midi sync with 6/8 time?
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    Whatchu talkin bout, Chris?

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    VoiceLive 3 Update Available (366)

    - Spencer Larsen wrote View Post
    Whatchu talkin bout, Chris?
    Am I seriously the only person that has noticed that Midi Sync on the looper doesn't track properly with a 6/8 source? It works a treat with 4/4, but switch to a 6/8 source and it no longer tracks properly.
  9. #49 by Pet Gerbil on 03-12-2018
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    It only does 4/4 as far as I'm aware.
  10. #50 by Spencer Larsen on 03-13-2018
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    Oh okay yeah, that's not really a bug as much as it is... just the way our MIDI clock works. From what I understand it does not interpret time signatures unfortunately, just the beats themselves for synchronization purposes. It cannot tell if the notes are eights, sixteenths, whatever, so VL3 has to assume they are quarter notes in 4/4 time. I know some devices (like the Beat Buddy) will send separate special MIDI time signature messages, but VL3 isn't one of them.

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