333 wiring diagram

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    333 wiring diagram

    I am looking for a schematic for a 333 non infinium head. i have looked everywhere with no luck Thanks
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    it means it's not available. As far as I know, amp companies aren't required to supply schematics....they sell amps
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    Gordon Downie
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    Might help

    Bugera 333XL Schem
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    Brilliant reply Gordon!
    This is how the forum should work!
    I do not have a 333, just a V5 and an infinium V22 head but I would love to have schematics for those two, I guess that I do not expect to have a detailed circuit for the reverb unit but it is all the rest that is of the most use.
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    Hi Gordon,

    Not sure exactly where this pdf came from, but I'd ask that you please exercise caution when sharing data like this as there's no way to confirm if that diagram is at all correct or even relevant to the OP's 333XL specifically. Keep in mind that there have been some revisions on the 33XL since it's original release, some that may or may not be reflected in the document you shared. This is one of the main reasons we don't openly give out schematics of our product designs.

    Only our innovation teams and authorized service centers have access to all the proper schematic diagram for our products. If for any reason you are experiencing a problem with your BUGERA amp then we recommend that you contact one of our authorized service centers as they have the ability to help assist you with repairs.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Michael Lapke
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    Brilliant reply Gordon!
    This is how the forum should work!
    No, the best way is the way Michael mentioned. I do not assume that just because something it's out there on the internet , that it's ok to use it. It's a tube amp with lethal voltages inside, it's not user serviceable.....and amp companies don't owe you a schematic just because you bought the amp