Studio 50USB signal level

  1. #1 by Glenn Adams on 06-12-2017
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    Studio 50USB signal level

    I have a pair of Studio 50USB's I use with a PC in my home. I've tried everything to lower the level from USB audio going to them. I am using them with a Windows 7 PC and all the level controls are almost bottomed and still have way too much level out of the speakers.

    Nothing on the speaker seems to lower it unless I use the analog inputs. I've been all over the sound drivers and nothing trims it down.

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  2. #2 by Mark Edwards on 06-12-2018
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    Yes, these speakers are WAY too loud on my iMac.

    I've been trying to get them quiet enough to use and finally had to switch to the analog outs from a small preamp. From there I had a knob to trim the volume before it went into the speakers.

    I have researched, but no luck finding a way to trim in preferences or through the terminal.

    I was hoping they would send out a firmware update, but nothing.