VoiceLive Rack - midi patch change problem.

  1. #1 by Steve Moyers on 05-22-2017
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    VoiceLive Rack - midi patch change problem.

    Hi - I'm using my VoiceLive Rack for live use in conjunction with a midi file player (Cakewalk Virtual Jukebox).

    I'm setting my harmony levels individually for each song with control changes. I use a few different patches but I've noticed that after a patch change the harmony volume level defaults to 0db and doesn't change despite receiving a control change to alter this value - not ideal as 0db means that the harmonies are far too loud in relation to the lead voice. If I reset the song back to the beginning and restart then the new control change value is applied.

    Am I doing something wrong here, or omitting something? I use over 250 songs in my repertoire and it's a real pain when I have to edit them all

    Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation.
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    VoiceLive Rack - midi patch change problem.


    Can you elaborate please.

    You send the CC, so CC 32 - 0 , PC - new patch

    then are you sending -> CC 12 - 40 (the amount is 0 through 127) . CC 12 is harmony level.

    just wondering if you send CC 12 without the 0-127