M32 + DL153 - loosing gain control

  1. #1 by Michal Jursík on 05-21-2017
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    M32 + DL153 - loosing gain control


    Im experiencing long term problem with loosing gain control on my M32R (with M32C too) and DL153 boxes. It does not matter if I use only one or both boxes at once and how long CAT5 cables are. It just happens randomly. Sometimes after 30minutes, another time after 2 hours and rarely never during the show. It happens randomly on both AES50 ports, sometimes on A, sometimes on B and sometimes on both.

    I usually loose gain control over at least one stage box during the show time and it is very annoying because it leaves me only with the trim option. Only solution how to restore gain control is to unplug the CAT5 cable and plug it in again.

    When this situation happens I can see the changed name for the stage box on the screen. The name changes from "DL15X" to "15X B".

    I suppose it must be a firmware issue either in M32 or DL boxes.

    My M32 is on FW 3.07 and DL153 are on FW G3.4.2rel-5.
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    Has this issue been fixed? I was planning on getting a DL153 but not if this is still a problem. Anyone have any idea if this is still a problem with the m32/x32 and DL1xx boxes?
  3. #3 by Pan Kai En on 12-24-2017
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    I have tested 3.08 M32r with two DL153

    5 show this week

    have had no issues at all
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    I have the same M32R console, I thought about expanding the channels to 32 with Dl153

    what differences do you find with Dl153 and the channels of the M32 table?

    Thank you!