Perform VK is responding to volume pedal changes

  1. #1 by Bobby Cruz on 05-12-2017
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    Perform VK is responding to volume pedal changes

    I don't want my Perform VK to respond to the changes from my Yamaha expression pedal. I'm using an Impulse 61, with a midi cord going to the unit.. How can I get the Perform VK to NOT respond to volume changes?
  2. #2 by Craig Fraser on 05-24-2017
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    Hi Bobby,

    Is the Yamaha sending the expression input MIDI thru to the VK? If that's the case, perhaps the Yamaha has control to block specific CC's? Otherwise, I don't know of a way to ignore just CC7 in VK.


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  3. #3 by Alan Baugh on 07-11-2018
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    I am having this same problem..

    using a Yamaha Motif the mode where VK reads the midi data to create the harmony....silencing the keyboard using the volume pedal & VK stops responding....if I silence the keyboard using the volume slider on the keyboard....VK still responds.

    The Harmony M did not have this problem.
  4. #4 by VoiceLiveEditor on 07-11-2018
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    Hi Alan Baugh,

    If you hold the Set button while you power on the Perform-VK, it will filter out midi cc/pc messages and will only respond to midi note info.

    Maybe that may help

  5. #5 by Alan Baugh on 07-15-2018
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    What you suggest works........but it stops all midi using the mode where the unit reads the midi data from the keyboard to create the harmony no longer works