FX150 + VoiceLive Play + mp3 tracks -- best way to configure?

  1. #1 by Barclay Brown on 04-26-2017
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    FX150 + VoiceLive Play + mp3 tracks -- best way to configure?

    The subject says it all. My application is to use the FX150 + the VoiceLive Play with MP3 tracks. What's the best way to do it? Specific questions...

    Should I use only effects from the VoiceLive Play, or leave Vocal tone and reverb on from the FX150 also?

    How do I connect the MP3 source? To the FX150 obviously to send it to the main board/amp, but should I connect it also to the VoiceLive Play so it hears the key and all and makes harmonies better? Does that mean just use a Y-cable to run the line level output to both devices?

    Or I suppose another way is to run the monitor output from the main board to both the FX150 and the VoiceLive Play, though since the mp3 is the only music source, this feed would contain just the mp3 and me.

    Or do I just let the built in mics on the VoiceLive Play listen to the music?

    In fact, is there any way to tell if the VoiceLive Play is hearing the music well enough to get the key right? (Since I'm using tracks and sometimes vary the pitch, I can't preset the key easily)

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    Hi Barclay,
    I think someone ask a similar question before. The answer was to use only the effects from the Voicelive Play. While the FX150 also has the "tone" button, no reason to do this twice. Also the effects in the Voicelive Play offer many more options.

    With regards to the MP3, I think one option is to feed the signal to the Voicelive Play aux in since it needs this to register the harmonies. If you feel like the track is not represented well in the mix from this method, then you can then change your routing option to add the track only at the soundboard and feed it to the Voicelive Play from your monitor out to aux in on the Voicelive Play.. From here you need to set your Voicelive Play on "monitor" so the sound of this does not go out through your Voicelive Play main out line and return again to the mix, which would create a feedback loop. You would have more control this way. With this method, you would need another monitor feed from your sound board to your fx150 so you can hear the tracks in your monitor also. You would need two separate monitor feeds. If you only have one monitor feed, I would not use a Y cable, but split the signal with the proper direct box. I suppose you could use a Y cable here, but the idea would be to use only the Y cable AFTER the soundboard (in the monitor mix only) therefore you have the best sound quality in the main mix anshave the ability to control the level at the sound board.

    I think the second method gives you a better control over the main mix out and gives the best overall sound quality going out. Which soundboard do you have?

    Hope this helps.
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    HI Marty,

    Yes--very helpful. I don't have a board yet, and am trying to see if I can get away without one for my little set up, by using the basic mixing capabilities of a FOH powered speaker. And I'm trying to see if I can use the CH1 mode of the FX150 for more control of the monitor mix. So it seems the way to do this is to run the mp3 into both the FX150 and also the VLP, and use the monitor mode of the VLP as you suggest. Since the whole system is mono anyway I'm wondering if perhaps I can do something sneaky by putting the mp3 source (a PC) into mono mode, and then putting the Left into the FX150 and the right into the VLP. Then put the VLP into CH1 mode and feel its output to the powered speaker. Of course I would have to control the FOH mic/mp3 mix from the controls on the powered speaker itself, but this may be OK.

    Or I can try a Y-cable and feed stereo mp3 into both devices, perhaps just adjusting the trim to compensate for the drop in signal?

    The alternative would be to forget CH1 mode on the FX150, put the mp3 into the VLP and then feed the mic/mp3 mix into the FX150 and on into the powered speaker. This just means my monitor mix is the same as my FOH mix.

    Thanks for any further input!
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    You may have done this already. Go aux in with the MP3 to the VL Play. Set the output to dual mono. This sends vocal out the left and aux out the right. Take both into th FX150 and adjust levels there. You can take both out to the sound board from the fx150 xlr out. Your monitor and FOH mix will be the same, but you will be able to adjust all levels from the FX150.
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    Wires and options

    OK, playing with this now, and thanks for the input. I have it working pretty much the way you describe, but let me confirm that I'm doing it the best way possible:

    1. USB out from PC into VoiceLivePlay
    2. VLP set to Dual Mono
    3. XLR from VLP LEFT out to FX150 CH1 IN
    4. XLR from VLP RIGHT out to FX150 CH2 IN
    5. VLP mic gain knob set to just shy of getting red clip warning on loud singing
    6. FX150 CH1 trim set to just shy of getting red LED on FX150
    7. Levels controlled from FX150 (CH1/CH2)

    The VLP is picking up the key info from the USB in, isn't it?

    I could use the headphone out (or even the RIGHT out) on the VLP and go into the Aux in on the FX150--would this be any better than going into CH2 as above?
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    Everything looks good. Just not sure the USB in drives the harmonies. But you can try. The aux should work however. Otherwise it looks like you are good to go.
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    Is there any way to tell whether the VLP is hearing the USB in for harmony purposes? I *think* it is and it sounds OK, but any objective way to be sure?
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    OK, I think I see it... if NP is flashing on and off then it is getting the key/scale info, and this is happening with the USB input so I think I'm good!