Perform VK: sound routing

  1. #1 by Thomas Fiala on 04-25-2017
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    Perform VK: sound routing

    If I want to separately send to the mixer:
    1) a keyboard mix without vocals,
    2) the harmony output of the VK without keyboards

    How do I route this? Thanks!
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    Clarification: I still want to hear the combined output of the Perform VK and the Keys in my headphones, in the scenario above. Do I need a separate sub-mixer?
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    RE: Perform VK: Sound Routing

    I think I have achieved this by using both the two MID Out channels that I have on my Roland keyboard. I routed the MIDI 1 channel to go out from the keyboard into the MIDI IN on VK and then routed the MIDI 2 Channel from my keyboard to go into my sound module and then on to the mixer.

    I think this has worked but I would like to find a way to do it using just one channel. I wonder if a MIDI THRU splitter might do the job?

    Any MIDI experts out there?
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    Hi Thomas - currently the Perform-VK can only send out a summed mono or stereo output (depending on you have one or two cables plugged in) from the main outputs, with the vocal and instrument signals combined. There are no options for sending the instrument output on one channel and the vocal output on the other separately, sorry. Who knows though, it may be added in a future firmware update!
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    Re Sound Routing

    This is seriously what is putting me off the perform V and VK. I think its massively important to be able to have mixer control over each signal , and cannot fathom why there is no dual mono output option. I would buy this tomorrow if there was a dual mono option. I don't want the vicelike Play and i don't want all the bells and whistles of the voicelive touch 2 etc. I just want a simple touch mic stand processor with the option for dual mono. what a shame!!

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    Hey Mark,
    What would your ideal dual mono output signals be? If it's vocals in one, keys in the other, you can just bypass the VK in that case. Run the audio output of your keys direct to the mixer, MIDI from the keys into the VK, and vocal output of the VK also to the mixer.

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    sound routing

    the problem is, I use backing tracks as do an awful lot of solo entertainers here in the uk and in europe. So it becomes a messy splitting of cables and extra sound cards trying to send the backing track signal to the mixer from your iPod or computer, while then also sending the audio signal to the aux on the vocal processor, to control harmonies etc. The voicelive play and touch etc all have the dual mono that enables a lot of performers like myself to have a simpler set up. i.e one cable from mp3 player to aux then a right cable out to pa for backing track and left cable out for vocals. the perform VK if it did this would be perfect
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    sound routing

    I have my perform VK setup exactly as Mark has described, bypass the perform and go right into the mixer with the keyboard. I have a midi cable running from the keyboard to the vk. I use tracks also as a solo entertainer and this works fine. They keyboard I use is a Yamaha workstation which has a built in player in it. Maybe your problem is the keyboard and not the vk or mixer.
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    This fearure is KEY

    // Edit : I know, serious typo in header, but can’t seem to edit that.. lol (feature/feature, poteto/potato)


    This is the reason why I DID NOT purchased vk (yet). Not having dedicated outputs for keyboard (and missing XLR out for vocals) is indication that this product is not intended for professional live performance but more as a toy-use.

    I already use my midi port to other equipment so routing audio out is key.
    This is why I still use my old harmony stomp box pedal and have modified it to include a foot switch. That pedal enables me to run XLR in and out for vocals and piano audio (left or right channel) in and through, giving me (or any sound engineer) complete control.

    1. Is there currently any ongoing activity to implement this feature in any upcoming firmware upgrade?

    2, any current development being done on similar size product with XLR in/out or even midi in/through? (Maybe a vk/vg hybrid)


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    Hi Ole,

    You might consider getting a MIDI splitter if that's the impediment to the suggested setup. They're fairly cheap and might be a good solution.

    1/4" outputs are not in any way a toy. They're balanced just like an XLR out and were chosen specifically because a lot of keyboard players have 1/4" setups in line mixers etc. for their rigs. We wanted to have stereo I/O so 1/4" allowed us to do that. A 1/4" TRS to XLR cable is easily available.

    We don't currently have any plans to change the hardware or firmware of VK, but as I'm sure you know, we do listen to all of the suggestions and try to make implementations on the firmware side if/when something comes up that seems to be affecting the majority of users.

    In this case, perhaps VK just isn't right for you. That's cool. I wonder if a used Touch2 might be roughly the same price and give you what you're after?


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