iQ vs Siena (official MG response please!)

  1. #1 by Simon Eves on 04-13-2017
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    iQ vs Siena (official MG response please!)

    Sorry to start yet another thread, and thanks to those who have offered their opinions in the other threads, but I really would like official confirmation from Music Group as to the differences between the iQ and Siena range, please!

    * Does the Siena use different (better) drivers compared with the iQ of the same size?
    * Does it use the same amp and DSP?
    * Is anything else different other than the externally-obvious (wooden box, connectivity)?

    Same questions for the subwoofers. The iQ subs (unlike the tops) are already wooden-box, and seem to differ only again in connectivity and that they have casters.

    Given the recent (also still unexplained!) jump in iQ prices and hence the narrow difference, I would absolutely be willing to step up to the Sienas, as I don't need the extra bells and whistles of the iQ, but I need to know I'm getting something for the trade-off in weight.
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    Is there actually anyone from MG monitoring and responding in these forums? I really would like answers to my questions before I consider buying their products.
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    A week, and still no response. I e-mailed CARE a week ago and nothing from them, either.

    I love my X32 to bits, but with customer service like this, it'll be the last Music Group product I consider buying.

    Very disappointed.
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    I have asked my contact about this but I think that he is on vacation.

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    Check the knowledgebase at

    For official technical and warranty support for your product you should contact the support team through their CARE department. You can contact CARE by phone at (+1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada and (+44) 1562 732290 in Europe.

    You can also contact CARE support via email at They strive to respond to emails within 24-48 hours during normal business hours, but please be patient if it takes longer due to the volume of emails they receive.

    Robert Lofgren
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    Thanks, Robert
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    IQ vs Siena

    I too was considering the Siena. And a collegue of mine did an A/B test between the two 12" models. He mixes FOH at a larger venue locally and said he preferred the Siena for its voicing in the upper mid and high freq range. Although he liked both boxes very much.
    But his application was a fixed position permanently. Whereas my situation would be portability. So I quickly rationalized the IQ to be the best for me since it was about 30lbs lighter.
    I already own IQ-15's and IQ-18's and like them very much. But when I need to add more monitors, I will probably get Sienas. Since I won't be stacking them.
  7. #7 by Jacques Mathez on 05-05-2018
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    I also consider to buy 4 Siena 12". In fact, you are right, there isn't so many reviews on them or AB with the IQ series.

    As there is only one sub (18") in the Siena series which is definitively too heavy for me, I consider to buy 2 NuQ115B-AN which are cheaper than the IQ-15B.

    Any comments welcome