VoiceWorks beeping on analog and digital output

  1. #1 by Mike Daly on 03-28-2017
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    VoiceWorks beeping on analog and digital output

    I have a voiceworks that is beeping on output when the led's on
    Buttons are flashing....its easy to hear on analog out but not so
    Bad on digital.

    I have tested this as digital insert on finalizer and still beeping

    The voiceworks is not plus version.

    It seems to be coming through ground.
    Is this a common fault with original voiceworks unit?

    It is noisey when turned up on input
    and output?
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 05-05-2017
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    Sounds like something ain't right in there... Please get in contact with our support team asap!