Voice Live Rack Problem (All of a sudden harmonies are way off)

  1. #1 by Bill Corfield on 02-27-2017
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    Voice Live Rack Problem (All of a sudden harmonies are way off)

    I've had the VLR for over a year and have been very pleased.

    A few days ago, I noticed the harmonies were sounding weird. Any setting of 2 or 3 part harmonies just sounds terrible when I activate the unit via the pedal.

    This device was virtually problem free up until now.

    I've not changed a thing in my set. Mic, mixer, amp, keyboard, etc... all of it is my normal rig components.

    I've also noticed than when I'm singing, I see a red line in the signal that I don't remember noticing ever before. My levels are pretty tame and don't change much at all.

    Again, the harmonies are not pleasing at all and just sound "wrong and off pitch." I'm not hearing any distortion to speak of.

    Any ideas on how to handle this?


  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 03-21-2017
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    Hey Bill,
    It sounds like something in your setup has changed. First thing I would check is that the Tuning Reference (Setup -> System) is at 440.0. There is also a Tuning parameter in the Harmony effect itself if you scroll down a bit, conventional users will have this set to Equal.
    What do you mean by "red line in the signal"? Do you mean that the input gain monitor on the Home screen is displaying "Clip"?