Changes to the Forum - Please Read

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    Changes to the Forum - Please Read

    Hi All!

    First, sorry for being afk for a bit. I was at some training and then took a bit of a holiday. Should have let you know

    Second, we'll be making some changes to the forums and the staff in the next several months.

    The forum MAY be moved again as we integrate with the Music Group support (CARE) system. I'm hoping that will be a good thing if it happens, since we all know the weird deficiencies of this particular forum. Maybe you'll even be able to edit your own posts! Miracle!

    If and when we decide to to a move of the forums, I'll give as much warning as I possibly can.

    I will also be stepping back from the forum as the day-to-day problem solver/helper guy and Spencer (who's already been posting a bit here) will take over that responsibility. I'm finding that my new Product Manager role is demanding me put my efforts into other areas, so I need to free up some time.

    That doesn't mean I'll be gone though. It's that I'll be running more of the "VoiceLive 4" type threads where we talk about future products and ideas, rather than me doing the "how do I do X with Y" type responses. Spencer is awesome and can totally take care of everyone on that front.

    Spencer will start doing the tech responses pretty much right away.


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    Welcome Spencer!

    Floyd Otis
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    Spencer, are you still monitoring this Community Forum? I'm new and just poking around seeing lots of unanswered questions in posts.

    Are we on the wrong forum? Did you move to a Music Group forum?
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    Hey, uh.. Email,
    Yep I'm still here! There are plans to change over the forum eventually but I can't speak as to when that'll happen, higher powers and all that. I come on here between projects here in the office and answer posts on a FIFO basis. Posts have been getting about a month to stew and get answered by other users before I get to them, not really by choice but because my queue of unanswered posts hit an asymptote of about a month. fortunately the majority of folks who need immediate help tend to hit up our Facebook page and support team (troubleshooting, warranties, availability, etc.). I'm grateful there are very capable users here in the user forum that often help out newbies and share tech tips. As you've noticed I haven't been able to get to every post, it's not really possible for me given my responsibilities here in the office. But rest assured I do keep a queue going and many of the unanswered posts you're referring to are either already answered on another medium (Facebook or Support) or are on my list. Thanks for poking around though, I genuinely appreciate people care about getting each other help here :]
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    Could you please tell me how I can get the harmony sound of the Everly Brothers on my TC Helecom 3.

    Many thanks and kind regards Colin.
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    Hey Colin, you'll have better luck if you create a new post in the VoiceLive 3 community rather than commenting here. Preset requests don't always get a response, but sometimes they do, and you'll have more people seeing your request if it's in its own thread.