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  1. #131 by Craig Fraser on 04-25-2016
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    Hi all,


    It sounds to me like your current setup would be just fine with a VLR
    It depends. Sometimes using the VLR as an interface is the simplest way, but if you are trying to aggregate devices I'd probably stick to analog via the other interface to avoid a lot of the stuff that happened in the video I posted.
    No really, at least from my experience. I almost never run the Rack (or any gear) as an insert. It's simply easier to run out of my interface, through the product, and back to new tracks on the DAW. Then, I just compensate for round trip latency manually by moving the new tracks to line up in the mix.

    @Terry - You always want to set the input gain so that your input LED is lighting green/yellow when you sing. It's pretty typical that your input gain on a recording interface (or any other preamp "down the line" from the VLP) would be set low. You should be able to bring it up to just before clipping on that preamp though and end up with a solid signal level at the DAW side. If you're going USB out of the play, that level will seem low. It's got a ton of headroom though, so you can safely use a gain plugin to bring the level up.

    @Fabio - Sorry to hear that you have a blue screen on your Play Acoustic! I'd start a support ticket and get the guys to help you update the unit via Sysex. They have a file that you can try sending to the device. It might help get the screen working again. If not, then you'll have to do a repair.

    @Victor - Sure thing. Just make sure you only use Tone and/or Pitch Correction on one unit. I'd turn them off on the Correct XT and use it on the VL2, leaving just the anti-feedback on the Correct XT. To gain stage, set the gain to light the LED green/yellow on the Correct XT and then just run the Auto Mic gain on the VL2. That should work out fine.

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    I have recorded my mp3 big band accompanient arrangement onal a USB stick that needs a vocal and harmonies. Which of your Products will accept a USB stick so that it will decipher the chords during live recording for me to create vocal harmonies. I USE sonar Platinum for my Daw.

    Alan Russell
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    Craig, hope you know the answer, Im not the best singer in the world but also not the worst in OK and get by well and many people say wow, BUT ive seen some of the TC videos and dont know what small unit is best to get, as I want it to be used only with my Microphone and to add effects, in a way to make me sound better than i am, and maybe if im slightly off it could correct it or hide it a little, what do you suggest
    please dont say pack singing in... cheers Carl

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    Hi Carl,

    If you want to start very simple and affordable, I'd suggest a Mic Mechanic. It gives you our adaptive Tone (EQ, compression, de-ess, gate) to make the mic really clear. Then, you've got control over some echo and reverb combos for some spatial effects. Finally, it's got a correction knob that adds auto-chromatic pitch correction. I find that setting it somewhere around 40-60% gives you some help without starting to sound like a robot. It doesn't avoid "bad" notes that might not fit with the key/scale of the song you're singing, but it will guide you to the nearest semi-tone. So, if you're in the general right place but sometimes just sound a bit sour, it can really assist.

    Here's the setup guide video:

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    TC voicelive Play GTX stereo Output

    Hi Craig, that's a problem when I comnect the left and right output to my PA system channel 1 and 2. The right output volume is very low, -80% than the left output volume.

    Can u help me to figure out what's going on?

    Thanks & Best regards,
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    Subject: Connecting Voicelive touch 2 a Mic Mechanic 2 and a Crital Mass Box.
    Please I need help

    I have been working on this for 6 hours today. I am trying to hook up a Voicelive touch 2 and a Mic Mechanic 2 and a Critical mass box and a Focusrite 2nd generation 18I8 box. I would appreciate friendly easy to understand directions.

    I would love to take the out put of each box separately (the MM2 and the CM) and put the MM2 into input 1 of the Focusrite and the CM into input 2 of the Focusrite.

    My problem is I have only one cable to plug into the Focusrite. Craig shows on his video to take XlR out of VLT2 and put it into the microphone input of the CM. He does not show what or where to put in or take to from the output of the CM.

    What I have done today was to take XLR output of microphone into the MIC input on MM2. Then I take output MM2 into Mic input in CM then I take the output of CM and run it into Mic input 1 on the CM. The I take output of cm and run it into input of the MiC on the voice live touch 2. The I take the output TRS cables and put left into input 1 of the Focusrite and right TRS into the input 2 of the Focusrite. Sounds terrible.

    Would really appreciate you help Asap.

    Thank You

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    Hi Jaye,

    Just found this post, I do not have either the Mic Mechanic or Critical Mass
    But had a look as some videos
    Going from what I have picked up, I have created some routing options that I can see, for live and recording scenario.

    I am still not too sure of the duplication of MM2 and VLT2 though, as you would be turning off nearly all MM2 stuff to work along side the VLT2.

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    Voice Live Touch 2 // No guitar can be heard?

    Hey Craig,

    Just bought a Voice Live Touch 2 and struggling with a few things- My set up

    Acoustic Guitar with LG Baggs Anthem SL pickup to>
    LG Baggs Para DI Box to>
    Voice Touch Live 2 (w/ Switch 6) to>
    Yamaha MG 10XU Mixer to>
    TWO Mackie SRM 150's

    I've watch each video (very well done btw!) and have a printed copy of Quick Guide and Reference Manual.

    My issue is that I can't hear my acoustic guitar? I have tried...

    * Hitting "Talk" to make sure I'm out of "Tuner" mode
    * The guitar level in "Mix" menu is UP
    * Changing battery in pickup
    * Plugging directly into Voice Touch Live 2 w/o DI Box

    The confusing part is when I do go to Tuner it shows that it's getting signal because it let's me tune. But if I was to try adjust the Input level to get it as high as possible before clipping I get no light at all?


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    Voicelive Touch 2 Vocal Compression ?

    Hey there Craig,
    I was wondering if the VoiceLive Touch 2 has Compression for vocals that i can enable ?
    I know that the guitar has a compression option but i was hooping the vocals section also had a compression function. please let me know

    Thank you

    James Lynch