FX150 Output Modes

  1. #21 by Patrick Phipps on 11-25-2015
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    Simple set up please for using two FX150s for small gig pub, one guitar and one mic, with a further possibility of a second mic.....how do I connect the two monitors...thanks Pat
  2. #22 by Craig Fraser on 11-25-2015
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    Hi Patrick,

    I'd go into CH1 (vocal) and CH2 (guitar) on FX150 #1, then connect the "full mix" output to the second FX150's CH2 input. You'll need to turn off Tone/EQ and Reverb on the second FX150 so it's not doubled up from the first. Then, make sure that the input isn't clipping on FX150 #2.

    Mic #2 can go into CH1 on FX150 #2, though I can't think of a way off the top of my head to get it back into FX150 #1

    You can then connect the Full Mix output of FX150 #2 to the PA.

  3. #23 by Patrick Phipps on 11-25-2015
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    thank you Craig Ill try that Pat
  4. #24 by Milos Grujic on 11-12-2016
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    Hi friends ! If im playing by my vl3 and conect it to voice solo fx 150 by headphone out to aux in on voice solo fx 150 .My question is what is best way to record my performance using audio interface (steinberg ur 22),is it from fx 150 out to steinberg interface in or something from vl3 to steinberg in?
  5. #25 by Stephan Keuneke on 05-16-2017
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    me too!

    fully supported, Steve! I'm using the FX150 as personal monitor for my vocals and guitar and need to give both -separately- via the thru's to FOH. And i see really no reason why that (using ch1-mode) deprives me of using the reverb on the ch2 (guitar).

    People are not stupid. And telling them 'if you use ch2 for daisychaining monitors, do NOT use eq/fx on ch2' in the manual would be all it takes..