FX 150 annoying random noise level

  1. #51 by DEE CEE on 02-26-2015
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    Maybe you guys Should of thought about that before you advertised as being able to amplify Guitars? Now Im stuck with Lump of plastic thats not good for anything in my closet that I Paid my hard earned cash for, Only to be told "sorry its not out fault we sold broken stuff" that is just the way it is.
  2. #52 by Craig Fraser on 02-26-2015
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    Hi Dee Cee,

    I realize it's frustrating, but it's not something we noticed in our testing. It's not something we would have wanted to go out the door if we heard it.

    I'm always as transparent as I can be, even when it's with negative stuff, so that's why I'm here talking about it. All I can say is that we hear it and will try our best to make changes. I just don't know yet what's possible.

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    Thanks Craig. Please keep us informed if theres any news.

  4. #54 by SC SR on 11-16-2015
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    I have this problem too. This unit very useful for me except this problem always annoying me.

    Is it possible to fix this problem? or I might be return it.
  5. #55 by KRIS HAMMERSTEIN on 04-27-2016
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    I am having the same issue with my fx150. I also first thought it was a faulty unit, so I ordered a replacement. Same issue. Very high constant noise floor no matter the input trim or impedance. Also, the xlr out to the main mixer seemingly has more of this noise. The floor I can deal with. But the rise and fall type of transient noise with the signal is quite annoying and distracting, and lessens the quality of signal being sent out to professional PA systems, (which make everything clearer). BTW, I am using mine for keyboard monitoring, and a guitar processor. I like the units functionality and convenience (once I found the right stand), but need better audio quality. The only solution I can think of is having to run 2 d.i.'s and four inst. cables + 2 xlr cables Just to avoid this problem; which kind of defeats the purpose of the dual xlr out's (a feature that sold me on this item)
  6. #56 by Craig Fraser on 04-27-2016
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    Hi All,

    There's a couple of different things being reported here so I'll try to quantify where we're at with them.

    1. Pop/crackle with high frequency input - this is what we refer to as "the whistle bug" that sometimes creeps into products. It's in FX150, but we have a firmware fix on the way that will permanently address it. This is one of those bugs that somehow pops up repeatedly, even when we test for it from build to build. Something to do with code whack-a-mole I guess.

    2. Slight "buzz" on sustained notes - this is something that most people don't experience, but a few do. It's quite dependent on the gear being used, notes played, volume levels and sensitivity to hearing it in the first place. Unfortunately, this is something we can't address. It's the nature of the design.

    3. "Hiss" or high noise floor via the XLR outs - this one was new to me today. We'll be doing some testing against our expectations for noise floor and I'll get back to you with our findings as soon as I can.

  7. #57 by Milos Grujic on 11-24-2016
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    Hello tc friends! Im a proud owner of vl3 and now whant to purchase fx 150. Before it ,like always did ,first im trying to read all different experiences about product.Some people reporting buzzing and im listening that sound from your atachments.Is it posiibile that logo badge make that sounds by its own vibrations??On some pictures i saw that some users stick something on their fx logo badges of fx 150
  8. #58 by Antonín Koutný on 12-03-2016
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    hi All and Craig,

    i have exactly same problem BUZZING NOISE ON LOW GUITAR NOTES DECAY

    i heard file examples here it is same issue, (i got newest firmware, factory reset) when i try my second acoustic combo, it is ok, no problem..

    any hope, to resolve it ?

    thanks a lot, tony
  9. #59 by Luis Lugo on 11-22-2017
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    FX 150 annoying random noise level

    Hello again.

    I was wondering if this issue of random noise coming from the lower frequencies has been addressed successfully by TC-Helicon. The last comment on this thread is dated from 2014! I noticed there was another post about the same issue on 2016, I think. At the time (2014) I uploaded two sound samples where this noise could clearly be noticed (Craig acknowledged it)

    The thing is, I have not been able to use my FX150 again due to this issue. A while ago I tried it at a party with friends and they noticed the problem even when I was performing at a loud volume.

    Can someone from TC-Helicon reply and tell me if this is the end of the road for my FX150? Can it be repaired at a reasonable cost?

    Thanks in advance.

    Luis Lugo