VoiceLive - Please help me create an all-purpose Rock reverb

  1. #1 by Sean Fox on 05-01-2016
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    VoiceLive - Please help me create an all-purpose Rock reverb

    I'm not really clued up on how reverb etc works so I was hoping someone may be kind enough to share some settings with me for their. Using a VL2, but I'm sure the vl3 will be similar.

    I'm looking to create a verbal purpose vocal (rock) reverb, nothing fancy needed so doesn't have to timed etc.

    I sing mainly hard/medium classic rock (guns n roses, Bon Jovi, etc)

  2. #2 by Craig Fraser on 05-02-2016
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    Hi Sean,

    Reverb is typically tailored to the song, with shorter verbs being used on faster tempo songs and longer verbs on slower ones, like ballads.

    If you listen to the songs of the bands you're singing in the general style of, you should be able to determine if you hear the reverb "go on for a bit" or "stop pretty quickly". Then, you can create some general presets with the reverb style set to something like "Music Club" or "Studio" type settings for shorter and some sort of " Hall" or "Church" type setting for the longer one.

    Level is subjective, but less is often more. Try starting at -12dB and go up or down from there.

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    I agree with Craig. It has to be tailored to the song. I use Voiclive Rack and find it very easy to edit the effects, amounts, times etc.
    Normaly i start with a nice preset that match the song good. And then i start to fine tune it.

    Enclosed you find a link to one of my songs at Spotify. Everything is made with Voicelive Rack.



    // Kensa

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    thank you. You have confirmed my own intuition of using larger spaces for slow songs and smaller rooms/decay for fast tempo songs.

    As a musician that employs backing tracks, what would you recommend for songs with few instruments versus those more complex, with many instruments (orchestras, horns, etc.)?

    Also, I note that models such as Music club, Dark room, etc. seem to have more presence than the halls, etc.. Is there a rule of thumb concerning the various reverbs regarding presence?