Midi sync tempo on Live rack

  1. #1 by Pierre Maier on 10-27-2014
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    Midi sync tempo on Live rack

    Ive been readig through articles to get this and it all seems rather simply but it does simply not work for me.

    I have hooked up the Liverack to my midi out and I am feeding it a midi track.

    Changing programs work from my daw so I know they are communicating properly.

    But when I tell the delay to sync to midi from the edit / delay menue it does not.

    Basically what I do is using a daw with a "tempo track" that changes as the music does to keep the delay in sync but it stays on the native 120 BPM no mather what I do.

    I can see no other use for the midi sync feature what so ever for the delay but to read the BPM of an external device so what do i do wrong ?

    And yeah I installed the latest firmware the other day due to that one supposedly added features for this.

    Anyone who can give me some pointers ?

  2. #2 by Craig Fraser on 10-28-2014
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    Hi Pierre,

    I'd wonder if it's the MIDI device that's sending the tempo. We use MIDI Clock, not a CC or any type of time message. Using MIDIOX I connect a hardware MIDI cable to the Rack and select MIDI as the tempo source, just like you did. As I stream clock info from MIDOX, I can see it change on the Rack in the Delay edit screen.

    Perhaps it's just the format or way it's being sent to the Rack? Perhaps you could try MIDIOX or another source, just to rule in or out your current source.


  3. #3 by Pierre Maier on 10-28-2014
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    Thanks for the answer Craig!

    Allow me to elaborate on the scenario.


    Thank you for the reply.

    Basically what I have done is jacked the module to a midi out.

    And well Ive created a midi channel for automations in Cubase and made sure that they can speak (change program and such works just fine)

    However, Im quite sure you can see what I use it for, play-back backtracks and midi channels to automate stuff such as popping the correct just before the music changes for a chorus and so on.
    i am on wire-less so I really could not be bothered with having a foot switch (Helicon wireless microphone soon please! I'd be like "take my money" )

    We generally do not have the luxury of traveling with a sound guy who knows the music and the set so the fact that you can do this is genious.

    Anyways enough of background, Naturally I use a tempo track in cubase that changes the BPM between songs and for some reason the module do not listen to it.

    There's no "sync wrong" or anything of that , I just can't see the BPM in the device under the delay change as the tempo track does. And well one can hear that it does not sync naturally.

    I generally do not use on board effects on my instruments so ive never really bothered to try this earlier, ill have a look at what can be configured in cubase. But midi clock is like the barest of basic so one would believe it would just work

    Let me know if you have any idea based on my rant here and ill have look if I have missed something and get back with results.

    Again, thanks for quick reply.

    Pierre Maier
    Stockholm / Sweden
  4. #4 by Craig Fraser on 10-28-2014
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    Hi Pierre,

    Testing with Cubase led me on a bit of a Google trek, but it turns out that Cubase doesn't broadcast MIDI Clock by default. You need to go into the "Transport" menu and then "Project Synchronization Setup". There, you can put a check mark next to your MIDI output device and mess with the various other check boxes for controls like sending clock while stopped etc. depending on what you want to do.

    The above was why Cubase wasn't working for me when I connected the Rack.

    Then, using Ctrl+T to access the Tempo track, I was able to draw/insert tempo changes wherever I wanted and the Rack would respond to them.

    Did that get it going for you?

  5. #5 by Pierre Maier on 10-28-2014
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    You just might be my hero of the day.

    I shall run off and give it a crack at once.

    Ive been doing the google as well but It seems my search words are not as awesome as yours and thus this post. ;D

    I shall return with results in a few minutes
  6. #6 by Pierre Maier on 10-28-2014
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    And indeed it worked.

    Thanks a lot man!

    It does flicker between one bpm up and one down but I read that older versions of cubase id a bit crappy on knowing what time it is so it seems to be ok. Running my old version on the laptop i carry around for audio playback.

    Any prefered time device for the module, Internal, asio or midi clock ?

    They all seem to work with the same fluctuation but just to keep the device happy

    Again, thanks a bundle!
  7. #7 by Ivan Sammartino on 05-21-2017
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    It's a well known bug that TC-Helicon keeps ignoring

    Sorry to resume a such old topic, but this is my problem too, and I'm sure I setup everything fine on Cubase (9.0.20): indeed, VoiceLive 3 works while VoiceLive Rack does not

    TC-Helicon is well aware of this bug (I reported it more that one year and a half ago on email, and recently on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/tchelicon/p...13091596150425) but, apart from saying "we'll release a fix soon", they totally keep ignore the problem.

    If customer support is a must for you, stay away from TC-Helicon.