VL3 Rack

  1. #21 by Skot Norris on 09-12-2015
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    So here it is a year later and, I still haven't bought the Voicelive Rack. I still keep waiting for the new version to come out. The Voicelive 3 floor processor is simply a better unit. It's got way more going on for it. Only problem is I still don't want a floor unit. I want a rack unit. Am I wrong in thinking that the rack is about to get an update soon? It's not even available on all the websites anymore. Just looking around the internet makes me think it's about to get discontinued. Is there a new unit about to be unveiled?
  2. #22 by Alan Ratcliffe on 09-14-2015
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    I wouldn't bank on it. TC-H gear tends to have a fairly long lifespan. Wall-wart aside, I think it's aimed mostly at studio users, who don't really need the looping or guitar effects.

    I got mine two weeks ago and have been working with it a lot. Had it up and ready for a cover gig (100+ songs) in three days. The interface is great and there have been many times when I've had the occasion to think that it's obviously been designed by musicians, rather than marketing engineers. Very powerful/flexible and so far, no issues that I've had to figure out a workaround or compromise for.

    It blows away the Vocalist Live Pro I have been using up until now - sound quality, features and usability are all a vast improvement. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the MP-75 mic it came with and just how useful the mic control switch is.

    Sure an updated version would be nice (with the features I mention in my post above), but at this time and for my uses, there's nothing essential missing.
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    Heya Skot,

    Normally I don't talk about product releases so I don't inadvertently spoil "the hype" so to speak, but I can tell you there is no VL3 Rack currently in development.

    Other than Synth and some of the mixed mode harmonies, Alan is correct that (guitar fx and looper aside) VL3 effects/voices are the same as Rack. If we did put VL3 in a rack, it wouldn't be the same type of leap that VL2 to VL3 was, which is why we're not 100% on whether it makes sense to do one.

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    As everybody else, I would be really glad to see a update for my Voicelife Rack.

    It would be great to see a VLoop upgrade as in the VoiceLife 2... since it is just a software upgrade, it shouldn't be impossible... right ? And I agree when I read that VL2 gets regular upgrades while our VLR seems a bit more "steadier"..... thanks for you attention.

  5. #25 by adam Beck on 11-09-2015
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    Momentary control over harmony would make rack usable on stage...
  6. #26 by chayci peck on 01-27-2016
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    I would love to see TC release a new rack mount similar to Line 6's Helix Rack and Floorboard Foot Controller. I enjoy having rack mounted things, but also enjoy having some foot pedals from time to time. The ability to change what's written on the scribble strips of a floorboard would be great, and a reduction in the amount of cords running around the stage would be awesome.
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    A VL rack 3 would be awesome, please make one with the functionalities of the VL 3 and maybe some new for studio guys like me : )
  8. #28 by Andrew Davis on 08-15-2017
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    Bumping VL3 Rack!

    I've been patiently biding my time hoping that the VoiceLive 3 tech become available in rack format. I'm studio based, and don't want to be messing about with a floor pedal or microphone unit.

    The VoiceLive Rack appears to be out of production. Some dealers still have some units, but it's a steep price to pay for a unit sporting a previous generation of TC Helicon tech.

    Is TC going to give us studio monkeys what we need?
    Pretty please?
  9. #29 by David Copp on 05-01-2018
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    TC-Helicon VoiceLive Rack Update?

    I've read through this and note it's been a year since the last entry. I'm very interested in the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Rack, for I only want a Rack unit, because it's for recording use only. So a floor mount would just get in the way. It looks like this came out in 2011, so the technology is 7 years old already. Still wonder if TC will keep this unit, but give it an update. I'd like to purchase one, but am concerned that in a few years, the technology will be 10 years old, and that's just not cool. Anyone know if they are going to finally update this great unit?