Play Electric Freezing and audio pops when connecting guitar

  1. #31 by Ronny Hughes on 09-17-2016
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    Haha until about the 1hr threshold.
  2. #32 by Christine Einsel on 10-20-2016
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    Did this ever get fixed? I have updated the firmware and have had no luck.
  3. #33 by Ronny Hughes on 10-20-2016
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    No fix, gave up after 2 units both sent back for refunds. No explanation, no questions about how or what it did, pretty poor. get shut of it.

  4. #34 by John Carlo on 10-21-2016
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    Hi Christine, exactly the same as Ronny said no fix, no explanation, I also gave up after two unit's went back, I bought it from GAK they said they hadn't heard of the problem so as far as T.C.Helicon and GAK are concerned there is no problem so all of the above must be imagining it, total tossers, I bought the Digitech live harmony vocal processor which I'm still very happy with but it seems they have stopped making it now, good luck
  5. #35 by Adam Ruxton on 12-13-2016
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    Hi guys,

    I've unfortunately come across the same problem in Australia. I am presently working with the dealer to hopefully replace my 2nd unit. The 1st unit exhibited bizarre behaviour as mentioned by several people above. I tried troubleshooting via several combinations of everything (i.e. replaced cables, guitars, microphones) with no luck. I tried upgrading the firmware (managed to connect and go through the firmware update via VoiceSupport 2 for Windows 10 before it started freezing) and was successful in the upgrade, but did not solve the problem.

    I returned the unit and unfortunately the 2nd one that arrived today is slightly worse. After getting the crackling noise after 2 start up attempts, it now only powers up with the blue screen and does not boot at all. I've attempted to connect it to VoiceSuport 2 but it doesn't see it, so I can't attempt a firmware upgrade.

    I'm hoping the dealer has another and is willing to replace - you know what they say, third time's a charm!
  6. #36 by John How on 08-25-2017
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    Hi all,

    Think I've found a solution that so far has fixed this problem.

    I had the same problems out of the box as mentioned in the other threads. It worked perfectly for five minutes and then froze. Sometimes it would reboot ok, other times not. After that I couldn't play for more than 5 seconds without it freezing up. Managed to get the firmware update but then it still froze. I listened through headphones and noticed that when I played guitar loudly it was distorting. Anyway, that's the background...

    So I read the online manual and it said to adjust the guitar input level by going to Page 1 of the setup. This is wrong for my unit as it's on page 3. The GUITAR setting on the top left (Vocal FX soft button) is what adjusts the guitar level and this was shipped with it very high. I've dropped the setting down to -3db and I've been using the unbit for over an hour now with no problems at all.

    I know....probably too soon to say if it's a true fix, but an hour is better than 5 seconds!

    I'm thinking the high guitar input was too much for the circuitry and was causing the problems. In severe cases, I'm assuming it could permanently damage the unit, which is what seems to have happened to some of you.

    Anyway, will be interesting to hear if this solves anyone elses problems. I'm going to thrash my unit all weekend to see how it goes. Otherwise, it's going back to the seller.
  7. #37 by GUS VILLANUEVA on 09-02-2017
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    Pe failure

    Hey John, my PE its also a Blue screen......I try several firmware updates,change the power supply,wires,etc but not luck......Yours PE still function good ? or still freeze ? Tell me if you discover anything usefull.......TIA
  8. #38 by GUS VILLANUEVA on 09-02-2017
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    Also my PC (w7 64) recognize PE like VOICELIVE BOOT........Not PE,,,,,,It is normal ?
  9. #39 by Abdulhadi Wahid on 06-22-2018
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    Was this problem of play electric freeze after power on ever solved? I am having the same problem!