What will I get, if to replace VL3 internal memory card on large ? for example will I

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    The sdcard inside the voicelive is not your average sdcard that you can buy off the shelfs at your local drugstore. It is an industrial spec’ed card with much better stats and reliability.

    If you ever replace the sdcard expect it to be less reliable over time compared to the factory fitted card.

    Fitting a larger capacity sdcard could help with reliability though. The reason being that all of those unused memory blocks will be used for remapping your data when the memory cells wear out.

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    Are all the presets, backing tracks etc contained on the SD Card?

    Hi have a VLX3 with all my presets and backing tracks that needs to go in for repair. If I pull the SD card and put it in a new VL3X will all my data (presets, backing tracks, etc) be there?

    Also with regard to the good info on the Acronis back up, can you please let me know the hardware you used? Will it work on a Mac with an SD card reader and which SD card did you get? Thanks!
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    Swap SD card questions

    Like Vincent I'd like to know:
    Where can I get a working SD card (in my case for the VL3 Extreme?
    Does the Acronis Software work on a Mac or a Virtual Windows machine on a Mac?