Expression Pedal for VL3

  1. #61 by Steven Corbin on 03-28-2018
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    EXP pedal target

    I'm just starting to use an expression pedal with my VLX3 and it works very well.
    On the other hand I'm wandering :
    in the manual it is written about "delay feedback" in the section about "how to use minpos and max pos"; but actually I cannot find this option while i'm looking for my pedal target. I specify that my system is up to date.

    Moreover, I have to say that the question about possibilities with the expression pedal is my FIRST disappointment about VLX3. The manual says we have "a lot of possibilities", so i expected more than all effects levels and a few others. What about vocal delay pan, voice pan, vocal distortion, vocal reverb decay , voc delay feedback if the manual says wrong, etc... I guess there is a lot of options that would be wonderful and workable for tc helicon.
    To finish with, if more otpions were added, i guess than another use of minpos and max pos would be great. Actually estimate the real effect with % is not easy and explicite (if my reverb level is up to 0dB, what about %? will i get +6 or 12dB if i calibrate my pedal to 100% ?); it would be easier to see the real setting of the target, as "dB", "ms", and so on ...
    I hope next updates will do something for it
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    ...One more idea...

    the possibility to target only the volume or other parameters of only right or left delay would be amazing ! having one fixed delay and a variable one at the same time
  3. #63 by Hayden Foley on 06-08-2018
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    Does anyone happen to know if the Ernie Ball 40th Edition volume pedal works with the VL3X as an expression pedal using the set up shown here?

    Very specific request, I know but I love the look of this pedal and am hoping the expression pedal input on the VL3X allows this configuration.

    OR simply, does anyone know if the expression input on the VL3X supports a TRS end and not just a TS end.