Inconsistent mic levels

  1. #1 by Matt Turkington on 03-27-2015
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    Inconsistent mic levels

    Hello All!

    I'm using the VL3 in conjunction with the MP76 - Firmware is all up to date. When performing live or recording I experience volume drops and I have to sing louder to compensate, then all of the sudden it kicks back up to the expected volume. People have noticed this in my performances as well (dating back to the VL2 as well). This is problematic because it also seems as though effects only activate with a certain amount of signal, so sometimes it's very jerky sounding and because the volume drops, harmony/doubling effects get weak or disappear, then pop back to full volume out of nowhere.

    I'm hoping that there is a setting that you all know of, maybe some sort of effects gate that I can adjust so that the volume and effects don't drop out.

    Any help is much appreciated!


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    Hi Matt

    I was just perusing the forums. First time in ages as everything is running fine on my VL3 and just wanted to see what the talk was at the moment when I saw your post.

    I had the same problem for ages and was driving me nuts. There isa gate in there!

    It's called adaptive gate or something..

    ..which I missed until Ian from this site pointed me in the right direction.

    It was a long time ago that I turned it off and since then everything is behaving properly, but if I remember correctly it's in the vocal setup menu but you have scroll down to find it. (Using the arrows I think) Just turn it off and I'm sure you will be as happy as I am now that I have it off. I am sure from your post you are having the same trouble I was.

    Good luck!


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    I'm so glad this came up. I had this issue at a rehearsal yesterday and I bet it's due to the adaptive gate! That's a preference that gets reset when you update the firmware too, so if you previously fixed it it might be a problem again.

    I'll have to make sure to turn that off when I practice tonight.
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    I believe you can save/export those settings too, Trent. In the export dialog, you can choose "settings".

    Just do that before a update, and then import back, you SHOULD be all set.

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    Oops, I was hoping that image would have showed up inside the post. No need to look at's of no importance to the message.
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    Harmony vocals dropping out - mic level too low possibly, also gate may be enabled

    Here's what I've found on this topic:

    Under 'setup->input' confirm the mic gain is set to an adequate input
    level, use the level meter to confirm this. It should be solid green and
    bouncing into amber (red is also ok if it is for a moment only).Select
    'setup->Tone->gate', and set this to off. See if this solve the issue.

    Many of the effects in the device are level dependent, if you do not
    have enough microphone gain for your lead vocal, it can effect these

    The second thing to check:

    Under 'setup->guitar' confirm the input gain is set to an adequate
    level, use the level meter to confirm this. Set the gate to off to see
    if this improves the issue.

    Just like the vocal, if you do not get enough guitar signal to guide the
    harmonies and pitch correction, it could effect how the harmonies track.

    Once you have determined if either of these are the issue, you can go
    back and adjust the vocal and guitar gates until they sound as they
    should without any drop outs.