Voicelive 4

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    VL4 Wishes

    Going to have to chime in as a long time user since VL2.
    I think the VL3 is pretty near perfect for what I do.

    #1 Update the Octaver.
    When I tried the VL3 Octave it is not loud enough. I play through a beefy system and I do not hipass my guitar channel on the board. The Octave does not "kick in", it is a weak sound and doesn't track very well.
    I am pretty sure my gain staging is good (despite the poor metering on the VL3), because everything else sounds pristine.
    So please update the Octave to "kick in" mode.

    While I'm on the Octave.
    #2 Why not create a version of the Octave that adds a low octave root note while playing chords?
    You guys already have the chord algorithm to generate harmonies from the 3rd, why not add a synth note when needed an octave below the guitar root?
    I understand that latencies at that depth could be an issue for playing fast tempos but for slower stuff having an extra low note swell in now and then would be awesome!

    #3 What else? A Phaser!

    #4 Ipad control so I can fine tune things from the upright position at gigs at full volume. I can't bend over in front of the foldback to tweak eq as my guitar feeds back being that close to the monitor.

    #5 I might use looping if it had better integration with computers.
    Not interested in building loops on the fly...

    #6 This may be in the realms of fantasy but a dedicated monitor out with programmable, switchable eq curves to suit different venues/stages/monitors. (I'm dreaming)

    Not really moved by the idea of more instrument/vocal in/outs. Dual mono works for me. Guest singers use my mic.
    I will say this though, if the footprint increases I will definitely not be considering.
    Like I said, for me the VL3 is near perfection and I have two already.


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    VL4 Wishes

    In the recent years, guitar amp modeling technology has taken a giant step forward making it difficult/impossible to hear a difference between the modeler and the real amp. The VL3 is a good example of this and I hope that you can take the level of realism higher with the VL4. It is not so much the number of amps simulated, although more amps would be nice, but more the overall realism that is important to me. AD/DA converters often destroy much of the guitar's natural sound so much that I am mixing the wet effects of my TC Electronics G-System to the signal to avoid signal loss.

    If you do plan to model more amps in the VL4 the Germino and Friedman amps with the Phillips/Mullard ECC 83 preamp tube would be a wish from me.

    A built-in expression pedal, and a plug for an extra expression pedal, and an extra row of six buttons included if possible so one does not have to purchase that separately.

    Looking forward.

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    VL4 Wishes

    To simulate humbucker pickups realistically when playing single coils and vise versa.


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    More more MORE!

    I' ve been a user of voicelive 1, 2 and now voice live 3. I love the products and use it for live performances.
    I find many of my whishes already mentioned in this post but i would still like to lay out what I would love to see in voicelive 4

    1. the ability to move the harmonies in time. for example have the harmonies with a latency from 0 (!!!) to 2 seconds - per voice. This will make possible to sing Spiders by SOAD ("the piercing radient moon...") and have a Delay for the vocals in order to have more depth

    2. A better hierarchy structure mainly for consistency throughout a SONG. I propose having a SONG which can get GLOBAL SETTINGS (per effect) from a global preset (the way it's used currently) and the STEPSETS (PRESETS-STEPS) that reside inside the SONG will have an option of having GLOBAL SETTINGS from either the SONG or another PRESET or even STEPSET (always per effect). That way, we could have reverb and delay consistency even after making changes by copying a new PRESET inside the song

    3. The ability to add a STEPSET to a certain position inside the SONG. For example, currently, I am not able to copy STEP 3 to position 6 without going to my mac and launching voicesupport. If there is a way please inform me but... it should be easier

    4. WIFI, bluetooth or other wireless method of connection for iPad and a helicon-made app for live performance with lyrics, automation etc.

    5. More (and better) synths. Ideally, the ability to use voice an INFINITE SOUND PRODUCING MACHINE (TM) by loading samples on a USB (even better a micro-SD card). The algorithm for tracking is there (that's the "LOVE" with voicelive). There are excellent apps for using your voice or guitar to sound as a piano or a violin on iPad so why not implement something like this on voicelive?

    6. I know it's a longshot (more than the previous ones :P) but i would love to have the option for a second mic (or instrument) on one system (actually the guitar input could be XLR-TRS combo) as the main in. All effects could be available per layer, so guitar (2nd mic) layer could have all the effects that the voice layer has and vice versa. In the event that this would use a lot of processing power, processing power could be allocated per instrument in order to keep production cost low. For example, when using 2 mics you can only have 2 harmony and 2 doubling voices per mic etc. Additionally there could be an option to spread 1 signal to two layers therefore having 2 kind of delays or reverb at the same time or having a clean voice through out 1 and a distorted through out 2 for different console management. The possibilities are endless in such a setup. I think you get the idea.

    Let me know what you think about the above and keep making good stuff but make it even better
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    VL4 wishes

    - guitar stereo in ) + aux stereo input x2
    - 2xlr +6 jack output (main out +4 sub out) and more routing flexibility (e.g. aux output...)
    - minimum 4-6 independent loop tracks
    - minimum 4-6 simple midi tracks linked to audio loop tracks
    - full midi
    - loop effects / aux effects / mastering fx
    - wi fi /bluetooth integration (e .g. send phones signal / external "hand" button looper / app integration/ ...)
    - backlit on touch button
    - (little gum pad to make stomp kick drum midi assignable
    - more reliable display + chance to link unit with controller app on android/ios (useful when shit happens...)

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  6. #306 by Ben Pearce on 01-09-2018
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    Feature Request: XLR / 1/4 combo jacks for vocal outputs
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    Remote mixer control from a mobile app would be sooo sweeeeet!!!!
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    Smartphone Control

    - Ben Pearce wrote View Post
    Remote mixer control from a mobile app would be sooo sweeeeet!!!!
    Brilliant request !

    EZ :

  9. #309 by David Ferre on 02-03-2018
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    Focus more on Vocal rather than Guitar effects. I have a lot of guitar pedals already dont need another box duplicating those. Why call it Voice anything if it does guitar effects. Maybe this could lower the cost of VoiceLive 4.
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    VL4 Wish List

    I find the guitar effects very pedestrian on VL3X. Love to have a more traditional line of like:

    • Wah
    • OD
    • Disto
    • Fuzz
    • Comp
    • Chorus
    • Flanger
    • Delay
    • Reverb