presets lists

  1. #1 by Denny Blew on 05-21-2015
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    presets lists

    I'm looking for a list of the presets offered by a couple units; specifically Play Electric and VoiceLive 3. I can't seem to locate them, even in the manuals. Anyone know if they are available somewhere? Thanks.
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    Hi Denny,

    We don't have any preset lists for the products. We used to do them a while back, but they're too time consuming to do each time.

    I believe that's editors can print lists to text files, but I'm not 100% on that.

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    Hi Denny,
    I do a Free utility that allows you to print the Presets Names within your Device ( So you need to have it connected) it prints as a pdf file and you can sort in Numerical or Alpha Orderl.
    Towards Bottom of page
    Supports VoiceLive Touch 1,VoiceLive Touch 2,VoiceLive 2,VoiceLive Rack,VoiceLive Play,VoiceLive Play GTX,Play Electric,Play Acoustic,VoiceLive 3. And also should work with the Vl3 Xtreme.
    Windows Only.

    Hope that helps
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    Isn't this sort of like opening a restaurant without a menu? I mean I appreciate the responses, and is it silly of me to want to know what I'm buying?
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    Presets are just an idea of what can be done with the unit. A preset will not sound right in every setup. Most will build their own presets to match the gear and their voice. The presets are fun to play with but i have not found any that i didn't have to tweak. Bottom line buy the one that meets your needs and be prepared to do a lot of programming.
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    Just scanned some of my reports I think these should be from a clean Device.

    It is worth noting like Jimmy has mentioned that the presets even though they are named, are suitable for other artists/songs so with any device you need to methodically go through each preset and see if it suits you in any way, remembering that on certain devices you also have a HIT feature so make sure you engage the hit before navigating to the next preset.

    Even though the devices have factory presets, there are hundreds of other ones you can download using voicesupport to try as well.

    At some point you will want to delve into the parameters and adjust and tweak things to your personal liking.


    VoiceLive 3 Preset List May-22-2015 16-04-27.pdf
    Play Electric Preset List May-15-2014 21-26-46.pdf
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    Very cool. I appreciate it. The mere titles give you an idea of what it is and whether you might want to sample it (or not). It's sad that you have to provide the service that the company should be providing to its customers.
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    Hey thanks Ian, evidently it wasn't "too time consuming" for you to do those

    If I'm purchasing something such as an effects unit or similar, I have an expectation of finding a presets list either in the manual or as an addendum so I can get some idea what the unit may be capable of. I don't know of many manufacturers that don't include one.

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    Thars what i get when i push the vl3 preset pdf link.
    I kinda hate zendesk

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    I have a VL 3 GTX model. I am a good customer. I like your products. I just purchased a VL3X. I like the unit. I think it will be awesome. I think that for you to say "It takes too much time" to create preset lists for your products is really BAD service for loyal customers. I spent a lot of my time setting up my favorites. I bought a unit that you have changed the preset names. I am sure that, in your attempt to be cute and cool, you really didn't think about adding a comparison list between your models presets. That's OK. Since you don't have the time for the people who spend money on your products. I will figure it out by myself, but rest assured that no company loses business overnight, but in time, and with this kind of service you are creating a great marketing opportunity for your competition. Thanks for all your help.